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Cash FlowShould Your Small Business Invest in Stock?

Should Your Small Business Invest in Stock?


One way that your small business may be able to survive difficult times – or make a greater profit – is to take some of its money and invest in stock. This can enable you to have an additional source of income – if it is done right. Although it is not for everyone, you may find that it is just the thing your business needs.

Small Businesses Can Invest Like Individuals

Your small business – if you are an LLC or an S Corporation – can invest like an individual. You may need to consider some legal issues before investing to ensure that there will not be any problems later – at tax time. It is a good idea to consult a tax lawyer before using company funds in the stock market.

Determine If You Want to Go That Route

As a small business owner, you need to think over whether or not investing is your best choice. You could also use the money to invest in your business – such as upgrading equipment, adding a new product line, buying more inventory or supplies, or hiring another employee. If you are busy every day conducting tasks in your business, this may not be a good choice because some time should be given to watching how your investments are performing so that changes can be made as needed to ensure the best profit on your investment.

Instead of going with the stock market, you could also put some money into an IRA or 401(k). It would depend on your reason for investing. The good news about investing in a retirement account is that you will not lose money – but you certainly could on the stock market. If your retirement accounts are maxed out on contributions, adding an investment in the stock market could be beneficial.

Choose How You Want to Invest

Before investing, you will need to decide how you want to invest your money. Do you plan on handling the trades yourself – which will require time spent watching the market, or do you want it to be done for you? Brokers are not equal, so make sure you know all the fees that may be involved and compare them before using one.

Another choice that will need to be made is whether or not you can afford to leave your investment alone for several years. Investments in the stock market (or with mutual funds, exchange-traded funds – ETFs, or cryptocurrency) – often require a long-term before larger profits will be seen. The stock market fluctuates often and some losses can be expected.

Consider Your Risk Tolerance

Before placing any business money into an investment account, decide how much money you can risk losing – if that should happen. Remember that the higher the possible returns are – the greater the potential risk to your investment. You do not want to use any money that you may need for other purposes or that you cannot let sit for the long term.

Diversify Your Investment

When investing, you want to ensure that you diversify and do not put all your eggs in one basket. It can be hard to predict which markets will be affected when economic problems come. Money needs to be invested in multiple unrelated fields to help ensure that all your money will not be affected at the same time.

During the COVID shutdown, the stock market thrived in some areas – but dropped in others. Businesses that had investments may have used some of that money to stabilize their sudden loss of business.

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Should Your Small Business Invest in Stock?

One way that your small business may be able to survive difficult times – or make a greater profit...

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