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Business StrategyWhy Your Business Needs a Content Marketing Strategy Now

Why Your Business Needs a Content Marketing Strategy Now


Content marketing has proven to be an excellent source of website traffic and sales for businesses around the world. In spite of this, many businesses still do not use this powerful tool to increase their profits. This form of marketing works best when your company has a plan in place that will enable you to be consistent and get the traffic you want.

Many people are now blocking online ads on both their desktop computers and their cellphones. This means you need additional ways to reach your target market. With the holiday season almost here, following these tips will enable your business to get a larger portion of the pie than you would have without it. If you do not develop a workable plan now, you will miss out on the profit that you could have had this season.

Forms of Content Marketing

There are many forms of content marketing. Your business can pick and choose a couple of them or you can use many of them at the same time. The more you use the more traffic you will have. The various types include articles, blog posts, slide shows, video, tweets, webcasts, eBooks, reports, whitepapers, and many more.

Besides the different types of content, you also have many types of places that you can post it. You can use it on your website, social media, online billboards, guest posts, ads, and more. Although not all companies agree on their favorite form of content, the highest percentage (more than 90%) prefer marketing through social media, and another 80% prefer short articles and blog posts.

Why You Need It

Having a content marketing strategy will prevent haphazard marketing and will enable you to unify your content across several media, producing even better results during sales campaigns. Surveys have shown that the difference in win rates is more than 25% higher with businesses that have a written strategy.

Another very good reason for developing a content marketing plan is because it is low cost – and it works. People today will often read about a product before buying it and they also choose to learn about a company through its articles rather than through an ad about it.

Tips for Developing Your Plan

Before you create a content marketing strategy that will grow your traffic and sales, you need to consider some things. Each of these matters needs to be in writing to ensure you stay on track. They include:

  • Your goal for content marketing – Will it be to increase traffic, inform them, create brand trust, get more leads, or boost sales?
  • Your target market – Where do they hang out on social media or other online media sites? Choose which ones will best reach your target audience.
  • The type of content you will use.

Create a Content Calendar

Once the above things have been determined, you will need to create a content calendar. This will help you keep your strategy going and let you know what types of content will need to be ready for posting each week. It will also enable you to see how your content works together (or not) to achieve your desired goals for it. You will also need to decide who will create the content.

Watch the Statistics

The statistics for each of your content forms need to be monitored closely with each new posting. You will want to know which keywords are working well and what topics your audience prefers to learn about. Knowing this information will enable you to improve your statistics and develop powerful marketing campaigns and strategies that will ensure your visitors keep coming back.

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