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Why SEO Is Still Necessary for Business Websites


Even though social media is very important for generating web traffic – and it can bring in a lot of traffic – search engine optimization (SEO) should not be neglected. Even though it has been around for some time, it needs to be remembered that web searches are still the most common way that webpages are found by potential customers.

Neglecting SEO may mean that you are throwing away thousands of dollars each week and losing opportunities to collect many new email prospects – and definitely more sales. Having good SEO applied to your website could give you a strong advantage over your competitors and enable you to get a larger portion of the pie.

Helps Customers Find Your Site

Improving the SEO on your company’s webpages, along with providing good content, can help potential customers find your website and the correct pages easily. This includes optimizing the various elements on those pages, too.

Good SEO enables people to find your website 24/7. This means that even when you sleep, people will be visiting it and checking out your services and products. You could even make sales while you sleep and you do not need paid advertising to generate that traffic. It will also improve your ranking in the search engines, enabling even more people to find your business.

Enables Local Customers to Know You Exist

When you optimize your website for local searches, which uses keywords for towns, cities, and states, it enables customers in your vicinity to find you. Very often, people will perform a search on their cellphone or computer to find nearby businesses before they visit. If they do not see your website, you can be sure that they will visit your competitor instead.

Use SEO for Your Products

Besides using SEO for your company and location, you also want to use it for each of your products or services. The keywords need to be specific enough that when people are looking for a plumber, for instance, that they will find you because you are located nearby. Words such as residential, commercial, 24/7, emergency, your location, licensed, insured, etc., need to be applied as keywords – if they apply to your business. You also need to let people know how long you have been in business, the exact services you perform, your expertise, and provide some testimonials on your webpages.

Understand the Latest SEO Tactics

The search engines, especially Google – the biggest and most popular, are constantly changing their SEO practices. If you, or someone you hire to do your SEO, do not stay informed about the most recent updates and changes, it may cost you in terms of lost visitors and profit. Sometimes, a change or two on their part can suddenly cause a serious drop in traffic.

Notice Traffic Improvement Quickly

Depending on who your main competitors are, it is likely that you will notice an improvement in traffic shortly after good SEO tactics are applied. Although it will take a while before large volumes of traffic are seen, you will likely see a change quickly. By watching your webpage metrics, it can enable you to see which keywords are drawing the most traffic – enabling you to develop more content and increase traffic even more by using similar keywords.

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