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When Are You Ready to Open for Business Again?


If your business has been closed as a result of coronavirus, then you want to know the day when you can hang out your Open for Business sign again. Of course, you are likely concerned about doing so and know that there is a risk involved. You want to take as least of a risk as possible, yet you also need money to survive. Following the government guidelines can give you a clue as to when you should open.

Two Ways of Thinking

People are basically divided as to when the best time is to open for business again. It seems to largely depend on what you can afford. You may feel an urgent need to open simply because you need the money. With a second economic stimulus plan that provides money to individuals not yet in the works in Congress, you may be more inclined to want to open rather than waiting for the ideal time. Many small businesses in Wuhan, China have not yet opened because some people are fearful of getting COVID-19.

Some people want to get to work right away, but may fail to realize that they could get the virus – and that will certainly make their financial situation worse. They will have to self-quarantine for 14 days in the best-case scenario. In the worst-case scenario, they may need to be hospitalized and may also infect family members.

The Government Plan

President Trump has just released the government’s plan for re-opening. Because each state’s situation is different, the White House largely leaves the final decision about following the plan up to each state governor. The plan has three steps to it – which are nearly identical to an earlier plan. There are no dates provided in the plan. The phases include:

  • Phase 1 – Everyone needs to continue practicing social distancing – particularly when out in public. Gatherings should not involve more than 10 people. Businesses should continue to let their employees work from home if possible to avoid possible exposure. Restaurants and gyms can open as long as social distancing can still be practiced. All non-essential travel is discouraged. Seniors and others who are vulnerable should stay at home.
  • Phase 2 – Social distancing needs to continue and people need to continue maintaining a six-foot distance. People can resume traveling as before. All gatherings should be limited to 50 people.
  • Phase 3 – Return to normal operations, but watch for new outbreaks of coronavirus.

Be Your Own Advisor

Even in states where you may be allowed to go back to work, you need to consider your risks. If coronavirus is spreading in your community, you may want to delay – if you can. Some states that are starting to open up have not yet followed earlier government recommendations, which stated that before states open that they should be seeing a decline of new cases of coronavirus for two weeks straight. So far, none of the states that are opening up have seen this happen.

If you are the owner of a business, you have the right to choose when to open. Taking the recommended precautions, such as taking temperatures of your employees, wearing masks, and practicing social distancing in the workplace, can help keep you and your employees stay healthy and happy. If COVID-19 springs up again in your area, be prepared to take action and be willing to shut down again if necessary.

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