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What Separates Good Leaders from Mediocre Ones?


Leadership abilities do not automatically come with a position. Like anything else, they have to be learned. Many people in leadership positions do not understand enough to become good leaders – even though they have the title.

Developing yourself into one of the good leaders is an ongoing process. But it can only happen once you realize your leadership skills can improve. To become a better leader, you will need to do five things.

Be Focused

Leaders need to focus and must know where they are going to reach prescribed goals. Being focused means that it is necessary to avoid rabbit trails (shiny-object syndrome) that will not help you achieve your goals or build your business. A focused leader also helps their team or company to remain just as focused and always moving toward the goals.

A business leader also needs to be mindful of the future. When focused on the future, the leader can see the direction the business needs to take to bring it to a certain destination. At the same time, they also are patient to ensure that their company is following them and that the entire team shares their vision.

Always Be Learning

Every person is different. This means that everyone has some areas that need work to become a better leader – and it does not matter how long you have been in a leadership position. You cannot grow unless you learn from other great leaders and see what it is that has brought them to a trusted and elevated position where others seek their advice and tips. It also means that you recognize that you do not know everything there is to know about leadership.

Constant reading, listening to webinars, going to seminars, taking courses, and other modes of communication can enable you to be in a state of perpetual learning and development. Find leaders that are known for being better leaders that can communicate expert tips well and learn from them – there certainly are many materials available for this purpose.

They Motivate Others

Almost any person can give orders. This is not an indication of a great leader. Knowing how to motivate others is essential to good leadership, but giving orders is sometimes necessary. Motivating people to follow will endear people to you more and help them to be willing to contribute to a team effort. This requires excellent communication skills to express what you mean and to do it with the right tone and attitude.

They Develop Others

A good leader will take time to invest in the development of others. They identify people that have potential leadership abilities and then mentor them to enable him or her to become a leader as well. This will require a balance of kindness and assertiveness when needed. They invest in others and do not mind some self-sacrifice to reach that goal.

There are several characteristics that a leader can pass on to their team or company that potential leaders and those following them need to see modeled. They include transparency, consistency, honesty, integrity, and gratitude. Trust is also encouraged when responsibilities are delegated to team members.

They Know How to Listen

Developing leaders means that you listen to people. It shows that you care about what they are saying and will help them to trust and respect you more. When listening, you focus on the person and do so without interruption.

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