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Top Ten Ways to Reward Yourself (for a job well done!)


As a good business owner or manager, you recognize the value of rewarding your people for a job well done. Giving credit where credit is due, shows your appreciation, boosts morale and generally encourages loyalty and happy employees.

However, many small business owners forget another very important person in your operation to reward – YOURSELF!

Remember, as you may have read in other columns, one of the keys to success is to set achievable goals, so when you reach those goals, you are entitled to a reward. In fact, it could be helpful to think about your rewards when you set your business goals. Convert 10 prospects this month, and it’s dinner at your favorite restaurant, increase revenue by 15%, a weekend holiday, etc., etc.

Taking the time to celebrate your successes — big and small — helps to build confidence and keep you motivated to keep pushing forward to reach the next milestone, whatever that may be.

You have worked very hard for your success, and you deserve an “atta boy” (or girl!) every now and then. So here are ten ways to recognize your accomplishments, and enjoy the fruits of your labors!

  1. Sleep an Extra Hour – Not all self-rewards have to be huge. I know how often I have written about “5AM moments,” and the early bird and all – but just once, why not allow yourself the indulgence of sleeping-in one morning?
  2. Dinner at Your Favorite Restaurant – When was the last time you took the time to have a special meal at your favorite restaurant? A birthday? anniversary? Instead of making this a once a year occasion, reward yourself with your favorite meal whenever you hit a milestone.
  3. Consult Your Bucket List – Take a look at your “bucket list” and do something on it. Plan that Safari, go skydiving, we all have those “do it before I die” list of things.
  4. Go Ahead Splurge – Speaking of lists, don’t we all have that list of things we never really would buy for ourselves, but just wish someone would buy us for our next birthday or holiday gift? Well stop wishing, and treat yourself — no matter how expensive, eccentric, or silly an item it may be.
  5. Disconnect – How about rewarding yourself with some quiet time? Disconnect, go “off-grid” for a day or two – do you think you could even spend a day without your smartphone? Why not give it a try?
  6. Reconnect – And while you are thinking about “disconnecting” why not also think about reconnecting. Take the time to catch up with some old friends that you have not made time for. This could be a rewarding experience for the both of you.
  7. Spoil Yourself – Spend the day at the Spa, on the golf course, get that latest upgrade to your phone you have been eye-balling. Treat yourself, you’ve earned it.
  8. VIP Tickets – Go ahead and buy yourself the best tickets to the best show, concert, or sporting event in town.
  9. Start a New Hobby – Always wanted to learn to play the piano? Scuba dive? Paint? Whatever it is, there is surely something you have always wanted to do, but have been denying yourself. Stop denying and start doing.
  10. “Fire” Yourself – One of the greatest rewards you can give yourself once you have reached a certain level of success is to “fire yourself.” In other words, hire a personal assistant, delegate more responsibility at work – let go, and enjoy the more “me time,” you have earned.

And finally, one of the best ways to reward yourself for your success is to give back. Hold a fundraiser for a local charity, or sponsor an event for community kids, volunteer, create a foundation, or scholarship fund – you may find that the emotional and spiritual rewards you get for giving back, tops anything on the above “top ten” list!

How have you rewarded yourself for your business successes? Is there a great tip you would like to add to this list? Use the comments below!

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