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Tips to Ensure You Hire the Best Employees


Growing your business necessarily means that you will need to hire one or more employees. When you are ready, taking some steps in the hiring process and following these tips will help ensure that you get the best employee you want. You also have some options.

Determine What You Need

Preparing for another employee means that you will need to start by preparing a good job description. It will need to be written with enough details in it to deter unqualified people from applying. You also want to add some character traits and level of experience desired. Having more details will let you pick from people who are closer to what you need. Decide what the minimum requirements are and what qualifications the ideal candidate needs.

If you have a number of employees, you may want to consider one of them for the new position. This will improve morale in the workplace if one of them is chosen. It will also encourage employees to stay with you if they believe there is a possibility for promotion.

Calculate a Pay Range

Figure out how much you want to pay an employee once you hire him or her. Then, determine whether you want the employee to be full-time or part-time. Another option is that you could hire the individual as an independent contractor. If you go with this option, realize that there may be some rather strict laws that will determine if this will work for your needs.

When it comes time for a paycheck, you need to decide if you want to handle the payroll or let an independent service handle it for you. You will need to take out taxes, social security and Medicare, and calculate vacation, holiday, and leave pay. Taxes will also need to be sent to the state and local governments as required.

Add Some Employee Benefits

If you want an employee to stay with you for some time, you need to throw in some nice benefits. Employees are much more likely to stay where there are benefits – or they will go somewhere else that offers them. Some benefits are required by the state and you will need to know what they are. Usually this will include worker’s compensation, disability insurance, possibly unemployment insurance, and vacation days.

Benefits that are optional add-ons are many. You could provide them with one or more of the following benefits: payments toward health insurance through a group policy or the Affordable Care Act, retirement accounts – possibly offering matching funds in an HSA, 401(k), or IRA, family leave, and more.

Incentive Programs

In addition to some benefits, there are features that employees look for today – especially the younger generation. A couple of incentives that are increasingly sought after are work from home and flex time opportunities. Both of these options can make working for you more attractive if it works for the particular position.

Consider the Company Culture

Every company has a particular culture. New employees should be able to identify with it to ensure that they will fit in with your current employees. You will want positive people who have a mind to work and can work well with others.

Run a Background Check

Potential employees can look good in an interview. They will put on a great smile and sound good. It is only when you perform a background check, look over their social media, and talk to former employers and their contacts, will you get the fuller picture you need to make a good decision.

Hiring good employees can be highly beneficial to your company. Getting the wrong one can end up being very costly and a waste of time. Taking a little more time to distinguish between employees that may look good and those who have the history of being a highly desired employee will make you glad to have them on board.

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