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Employees and ManagementTips for Increasing Employee Engagement

Tips for Increasing Employee Engagement


When money is tight or when your business is not seeing the success you know it could have, the last thing your business needs is to have employees that are not engaged. You feel that if you could get the right employees, or at least get the ones you have motivated enough, that your business would not be struggling. Getting better employee engagement can change not only the atmosphere at work but also the bottom line.

The Value of Employee Engagement

The attitudes of your employees can make a large difference in the way your business is done. When they are engaged in the workplace, and only about 34 percent of them are, Gallup says that it can result in a 2.5 percent higher growth in your company’s revenue. It will show itself in increased production, better customer relations, greater cooperation among employees, and larger profits.

In order to increase employee engagement, you will need to do several things. They include:

  1. Asking Questions and Listening

Talking to your employees and listening to their answers will go a long way in getting started toward better engagement. Finding out if they believe that their role is clearly defined and what you can do to provide better leadership would be a good start. You may also ask if there is another role that they might rather do instead.

  1. Setting Out A Clear Career Path

Employees today have greater incentives to seek promotion than previous generations. Although jobs are harder to find now, young people want to know that there is a possibility of upward movement and they want to know how to be in the running for it. They want details of what is expected.

  1. Communicate Often

Employees want to know that their jobs are secure and that the company will likely be there in the future. These are difficult times right now and employees can be stressed. Managers and other leaders in the business need to be honest with employees when things look great and when they are not. Helping them to realize that you need greater effort and motivation to succeed will help them feel that they can have a part in the company’s success. Telling them that they enabled the business to be a success when it is true also helps.

This kind of communication can be done at weekly meetings. Teams of workers or all of the employees can meet for a meeting over lunch or at a restaurant after work. It lets the employees meet without the context of being at work and can encourage more social interaction with each other. Meetings with individual employees should also be conducted to relate growth, areas that need to be worked on, goals, and praise.

  1. Provide Training and Growth

Leaders need to mentor and provide training for employees. Some employees may need help coping with particular situations or issues and some encouragement, ideas, and counsel may help them overcome the problems. Other forms of training, such as leadership training, courses toward certificates, etc., can also be provided to help employees be more engaged.

  1. Develop Real Relationships

Employees need to know that managers and leaders care about more than just getting a job done. When managers show genuine concern for employees and their problems, they will work harder and communicate difficulties more readily – enabling those problems to be counseled, minimized, and solved faster. This also enables your employees to be more job-focused when at work.


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