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The Best Keywords for Your Business Webpage


One secret to getting more business is to drive more traffic to your website. There is a difference in the kind of traffic you can get, but using the right strategy and having the right keywords will get you the kind you want. The kind of traffic you obtain from your keyword selection will make the difference between lots of visitors with few sales or fewer visitors with more sales.

Before you choose your keywords for the webpage, you need to decide what it is you want your visitors to do. Do you want them to buy, to sign-up for an eBook or newsletter; or go to another webpage? This will tell you the kind of keywords you need to look for.

Choose General Keywords

Start by choosing general keywords – keywords that anyone would use in relation to the topic. General keywords will attract more people than specific ones, but they may not be interested in buying anything – only looking.

Enter the Buyer’s Mindset

Picture yourself as being a potential buyer for your specific product or services. When you do this, you can think about – and accept or reject – certain keywords because they will not be ones that you would use in that situation. Eliminate any keywords that would be used by people seeking information only.

Use a Keyword Tool

Even though you may think that a particular keyword or keyword phrase will rank high, you want to be sure. Some may be very low in popularity. By using a keyword tool, such as Google Ads, Keyword Tracker, or Ubersuggest, you can find the best keywords.

Think Through the Keywords

Having more traffic does not necessarily mean more sales. Instead of aiming for more traffic, aim for traffic that brings buyers. As an example, suppose you own a plumbing business. You would want to use keywords first that indicate someone wants a plumber right away. You could use keywords such as:


  • emergency plumber
  • emergency plumber near me
  • 24 hour plumber near me
  • plumbers in my area
  • plumbers in (city)
  • plumbers near me
  • 24 hour plumber

Other keywords could be used that are more generic, but the ones listed above are more likely to drive buyers in need of a plumber right away. Some keywords are more likely to bring people that are only looking or may just want to compare services but may not buy. They are not likely to need services right away. Some people using these keywords may be interested in remodeling or building a home or office:


  • plumbing services
  • local plumbers
  • best plumbers near me
  • plumbing companies near me
  • roto rooter near me
  • plumbing services near me
  • plumbing repair
  • affordable plumbing
  • plumbing and heating

When choosing keywords, it is also important to note how many people are using that keyword in searches. The more words in a search term – the fewer people there are that will use it.

Check Out Your Competitor’s Search Words

Since most people will never look at the results of a search past page two, you want to know what words your competitor is using. When you type a search word or phrase into Google, you will see ads at the top of every results page. Then, consider which companies are in the results and decide whether or not you can beat their marketing budget.

You also want to check the quality of the content of the top listed companies. If you can provide better content with good keywords – you may be able to get a top listing on Google.

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