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Spin Up Your Business During Your Downtime


Instead of doing very little during the remaining coronavirus downtime, as a business owner, there is a lot you can do to help your business carry on – or to get ready to carry on. The break is limited, but you can make the most of it by following up on it with some business tips. Using the most of this time can make the difference between being ready to go when the light turns green or just putting your shoes on.

Customer Lists

  • Identify former clients you might be able to do business with once again. Find out what would make it possible.
  • Collect some client testimonials for your website or marketing projects.
  • Design a video with some of your best clients and let them tell how your service satisfied their needs. If possible, add pictures.

Email Lists

  • Sort out your email list – remove dead wood, or think of new ways to make them active again with a fantastic offer.
  • Create separate email lists of your best customers and your occasional ones.
  • Find new ways to target more people to get them to sign up for your email newsletter.
  • Find better ways to get more people to open your emails.


  • Review your website analytics to find out where your visitors are coming from and what pages they are going to.
  • See where they spend the most time and which pages produce the most leads.
  • Look over your whole website for mistakes, clarity of instruction (what do you want them to do), and check to ensure your contact information is easy to find and read.
  • Check the keywords used. Remember that most people will probably find you through a Google search.
  • Scan your website to see if it needs updating. Make sure it has new content.
  • Look over your blog. Make sure is has regular posts. Get ahead by making a calendar for your posts and create at least a month’s worth of titles ahead of time.
  • Analyze how social media is being used to promote your blog and see how it could be done better.


  • Examine your marketing methods and budget. If some methods are not producing – eliminate them. Consider some new methods and improve the ones that are working for better ROI.
  • Evaluate your marketing methods and make sure they are reaching your target market.
  • Look over your marketing schedule – or create one.
  • Automate your marketing as much as possible.
  • Determine how your competition is reaching their audience and copy what works.

Reputation Monitoring

Look over various review sites to discover what people are saying about you or your business. Remember that it only takes one dissatisfied customer to ruin you. Seek to solve it as kindly as you can if there is a problem.

Business Review

Look over your business to determine if there are some areas you either need to add or to get help with. Ask the following questions:

  • Could your employees or leaders benefit from some specialized training?
  • Are there expenses you can eliminate or reduce?
  • Are there some tasks you can delegate so that you can focus more on your business?
  • Are there some tasks you can outsource – such as marketing, accounting, etc.?

Company Culture

  • Are your employees motivated and engaged?
  • What can you add to make your workplace better for your employees?

Business Insurance

Do you have the right kind of business insurance that will help you cover expenses in the event of an emergency and prevent you from going under?

Continuing Education

Now would be the perfect time to learn more about some aspect of your business or something that would make you a better leader. You could take a course or two to advance your business knowledge and possibly even learn things that could take it to the next level. Many excellent courses are available online and many are even free.


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