Monday, September 26, 2022
News for Independent BusinessSmall Business Owners Overwhelmingly Support Trump’s Economy

Small Business Owners Overwhelmingly Support Trump’s Economy


If you watched the first democratic presidential debates, you might think that the sky was falling on our economy. I realize that many of us don’t speak Spanish yet, so were unable to understand some of the discourse. Never fear, a Democratic victory in 2020 would create re-education camps for you to learn Spanish, as well as Newspeak. The vitriolic garbage that came out of the mouth of Elizabeth Warren and others bashing corporate America should send a chill down your spine.

By association, Warren hates you and your business. As the seed grows into the tree, so does the small business become a corporation. By her systemic acerbic rhetoric, her detestation of companies has its genesis in you. After all, her resentment of small business is not just tangential, it is verbal. In her infamous diatribe, “You didn’t build that on your own” speech, she manifests her hostility by stating that you couldn’t have done what you did without help from her and the state.

How do you like that? This mean-faced, clipped-haired demagogue is Hillary Clinton in sheep’s clothing, having the same contempt for the “deplorables” that will vote against her as well.

The democratic debate was a chance for themselves to attack each other, instead of Trump. No mention of how well the economy was doing, especially for small businesses. All you heard was that this economy is not working for everyone. Hello. It never will work for everyone. That is doublespeak for taking a hunk of money from you, and giving it to them to redistribute, because they know better what to do with it than you. Transgender bathrooms, for example.

According to a recent Wilmington Trust survey, owners of privately held businesses appeared pleased with President Trump’s economic policies, with 59% of respondents “strongly or somewhat” backing the administration’s approach.

Candidates like Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana, will try to compare running a city to running a business, which is somewhat laughable. The government of South Bend neither produces a product nor a service. Its sole livelihood depends upon you, the taxpayer. There is not a factory, to use the nomenclature of Warren, and ultimately that means there is no incentive for profit, which they despise anyway. Does that sound a lot like your small business?

While business owners still back Trump, their primary fears focus on the current uncertain business climate. One could say that their trilogy of doom would be a recession, followed by deleterious trade policy and inflation. “Small businesses have benefited from the Trump approach,” said Tony Roth, chief investment officer at Wilmington Trust. “They don’t see a recession coming.” Ultimately, the biggest positive that can be taken from these survey results is that small business supports Trump in 2020. With the economy riding along just fine, and no recession in sight, the status quo is good for business and the markets. However, should Warren or one of the Democrats take over, all bets are off the table.

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