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Employees and ManagementPreparing Your Business for Increased Productivity

Preparing Your Business for Increased Productivity


In business, being able to produce is important – no matter what your business is. During the time allotted for work, whether it be one or two hours, or 8 – 10 hours a day, producing results that matter is what will put the money in the bank. While most businesses have goals that employees need to meet, there are other ways to increase productivity during work hours.

Increasing productivity in the workplace should not be looked at as something that only takes place at work. What happens at home or while relaxing also affects the ability of employees to focus. Providing instruction in basic tips for better health and a sharper focus can help companies develop employees that are better prepared to concentrate on getting a job done – and in doing it in less time. Here are some things that can be presented to employees to increase productivity in your business.

  1. Get at Least Seven Hours of Sleep

Most everyone needs to get about eight hours of sleep a night. Americans seem to think they can do well on less, but a minimum of seven hours is still necessary for nearly everyone for peak function. A lack of sleep, the experts say, reduces the ability of focus, decreases memory, shortens longevity, increases inflammation, and raises stress levels.

As might be expected, electronics is often the cause: watching TV shows, playing computer games, looking at social media, etc., late into the night will often hurt the quality of your sleep. Avoiding electronics a half-hour before going to bed will help give better sleep.

  1. Take Care of Your Health

This involves eating right and getting a healthy amount of exercise. Eating the wrong things during the day can result in increased tiredness and having a lack of energy. Employees need to understand how the two go together. Getting the right kind of health and dental care is also important for maintaining good health. Poor health reduces performance and productivity.

  1. Increase Your Learning Culture

Have your employees learn more about issues and leadership that apply to your organization. They can read books or watch videos to learn more about productivity and problems they face – or have faced in the past. Each employee can share that information with their coworkers at specified times. Leaders can start a book club of recommended books and let employees choose the books they want to read.

  1. Teach People to Do Their Best

There are many reasons for employees to do their best but it should never be to lift themselves at the expense of others. This attitude can destroy teamwork. People should always be encouraged to do their best at anything they do. If it is not worth doing well, it is not usually worth doing. A reward system may be needed to help.

  1. Encourage Innovation

People have ideas that others will never think of. Ideas should be shared among co-workers and recognition should be given where it is due. This will encourage other ideas from others, building a true team spirit where each member feels valued.

  1. Be Willing to Persevere

Improvement and increased productivity do not come overnight. It is the result of persistence toward a goal. There will be times when quitting seems to be the easy way to go. Employees need to be encouraged to continue to develop and reach new levels of productivity in the workplace.

  1. Take Time to Relax

It should be remembered that business giants like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates deliberately took time out to relax. They would take walks, listen to music, enjoy their family, meditate, etc. Having a balance between work and relaxing is important – and sometimes the best ideas come when you are relaxed and can look at projects with a fresh mind.



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