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Just Say No to Socialism and Small Business


It’s summer. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water that is your work, with a great tax break from President Trump and optimism about your future at all-time highs, the narrative is being put in place, again, of how socialism can raise the tide and all boats with it.

The ignorance of youth, in the form of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 28-year-old Democratic Socialist (Communist, but she doesn’t get it yet) is being hailed as an entrepreneur by the lemmings who write for the American left. The utopian fascination by those who know no history is alive and well, and is attempting to guide you and your business into utter ruin. A simple yes or no question to you.

Do things like Democratic Socialism, Bernie Sanders, community organizer, progressive platform, free college, etc., etc. strike fear in your heart and business?

So many problems, so little time. As far as the Arctic is from the Antarctic, the alpha to the omega, is socialism to entrepreneurship. Juxtaposing the young Ocasio-Cortez as proxy for this ideology seems appropriate, as she is the latest in a long line of incorrect philosophers on our economy and society to not comprehend. I feel I can say this as the grandson of an immigrant. However, the inclusive and diverse left is not interested in my white male European lineage, even though they were Calabrian, darker in color than most. The Orwellian Animal Farm would be lost on Ocasio-Cortez, with its “two legs bad, four legs good” thought. One wonders how her rabid, anti-American Boston College faculty would poison her in this regard.

Honestly, how hard could it be to unseat a white man in a liberal New York district by a progressive, socialist, Hispanic, community organizing woman. Did I forget anything? Very important to check all of the Orwellian boxes. Inc. Magazine, the voice for American start-ups, lauded the 28-year-old wunderkind (their words) as an entrepreneur, who in 2011 launched a publishing venture through a local startup network, Sunshine Bronx Business Incubator, which charges some $195 per month for shared work space and business advice.

One wonders what that business advice would be from the then 22-year-old community organizer. I would imagine grants were involved, because how could a good socialist entrepreneur every charge for services rendered.  I can just imagine the big American flag on the wall with a 51st star added for Puerto Rico. As an aside, I wonder what her advice would be to investors in the Puerto Rican junk bonds. Like most small businesses, the Sunshine Incubator failed. Or was it the Brook Avenue Press. Whatever.

Jeffrey Deasy, the resident business counselor at the non-profit Business Outreach Center Network based in Brooklyn (another oxymoron) sees a vote for Ocasio-Cortez as a potential vote for an across-the-board $15 minimum wage–and that, he says, stands to benefit local companies. Interesting. Which part of the increased business expense benefits the business? That must have been learned in the not-for-profit MBA school he didn’t go too. Don’t those entrepreneurs just try to break even? I must admit, I achieve a modicum of hubris in lampooning these, how shall I say, socialist entrepreneurs. As Limbaugh might conjecture, it really isn’t a fair fight right now, so I will tie my brain in half to level the playing field.

Remember boys and girls, if it’s free (college education, healthcare, basic income, yadda yadda), it is probably too good to be true entrepreneurship.


  1. Remember boys and girls, if it’s free (college education, healthcare, basic income, yadda yadda), it is probably too good to be true entrepreneurship.

    I dunno. Vets get free health care, and some company has to be supplying that. Congresspeople also get free health care. Entrepreneurs all over supply things to the military and government, which are essentially socialist enterprises since we all pay into them. I’m one. I sell things to the government and military, and I buy things from other businesses to sell to them. So if someone’s going to college, or getting healthcare, or food, or any other number of things, some entrepreneurs are likely involved and doing just fine.

    • Over one hundred million dead people would have to disagree with you. Read history, socialism isn’t a new concept, it’s been tried and failed, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Castro. As the economy fails it evolves into communism and the suffering and death it causes is easy to research. If you want to adopt a change try something that doesn’t rob freedom from it’s people and motivation from those able and willing to care for the have nots. Socialism is a cancer designed for despots more than willing to shut the door on anyone who’s not a contributor. It operates on forced compliance, not free will, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    • Veterans get their healthcare from the government, from taxes we all pay, it isn’t free. The doctors and nurses, the people cleaning the floors, all get their salaries from the government, same way. They don’t work for free, so it isn’t free healthcare, our taxes pay for some of it. The other part of the cost to provide it is this: The government is 23 trillion in debt, it’s printing money to pay them and you, if you provide service to them.

      That same government has made promises in addition to its Vets, to its civilian citizens in the form of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, which last I heard amounted to around 200 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities – stuff they’ve promised us as they took money from our checks each month, but instead of saving it, they spent it long ago, many times over. Why do you think they now need to try to control all of our health outcomes? They can’t afford to pay for everyone to live to 80 and 90, because they don’t have that kind of money coming in from new earners.

      AND when they involved themselves in Medicare and Medicaid and to some extent the VA, they drove up the cost of everything medical. Remember the 600 dollar hammer years ago? Same thing happens at the hospital. Have you seen a bill from there? 3 dollars for one Advil. Government is too easy to over charge. It’s inefficient, it doesn’t produce anything, it only takes money from the economy.

      Government’s only constitutional role is to PROVIDE for the common defense, and to PROMOTE the general welfare. Only one of those roles really involves hiring and purchasing – to defend us from enemies, foreign and domestic. The other role is to make sure things are fair to business, prosecute cheaters and then get out of the way. Our government is too big and it spends too much, to quote Ronald Reagan, and there is a limit to how much the private sector can support.

      We are at the tipping point, and Socialism, after it’s taken everything from the earners to distribute to the non earners then has to COERCE the earners into working for the government essentially as a slave of the government. There is no private property, there are no private companies. Eventually, they confiscate it all, and dole it out to their cronies. Look up Pemex and Exxon in like the 70s. Mexico asked them to come in and help develop their oil fields, Exxon and others did, and then one night the government just took it and Pemex was born. Under Socialism / Communism you get assigned your job, your house, etc. you do what they say, and progress slows to a snails pace. No iPhones, no Sham Wow’s, no innovation, no one to sell a new idea to. That is, until it all comes crashing down from its own insufferable weight some 50 to 60 years later, if you’re lucky. And only after millions upon millions die. Socialism leads to Communism, and Communism has killed over 200 million in the last century.

      You sell things to the government now, but its paid for with money printed that your grand kids and great grandkids (that you may not even have yet), haven’t even earned. And your taxes will be 90 to 100 %, like Sweden was until they backed off their march to socialism and moved back towards free market principles. Same with the other Scandinavian countries. Most of those countries that everyone touts as Socialist aren’t really, and they spend a lot on their people, but mainly BECAUSE WE ARE PAYING FOR THEIR DEFENSE! think about it, you can buy a really nice car if you live in your parent’s basement.

      • Your screed is stupendously simplistic and ill-informed. “The doctors and nurses, the people cleaning the floors, all get their salaries from the government, same way.” WTF? I don’t know ANY doctors that “get their salaries from the government.”

        Swedes’ personal income tax can be as little as 29 per cent of their pay, but most people (anyone earning over £32,000) will pay between 49 and 60 per cent through a combination of local government and state income tax. NOT EVER 90-100%!!!

        You are directly contributing to the growing Idiocracy of the US which only got worse with the current crook as POTUS.

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