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How to Reopen Your Business with Customers in Mind


Reports about coronavirus and how it is spreading are coming out every day. New ones come out all day long. This news continues to keep your potential customers on their toes, making them wary about wandering out at all. The thing that will make the difference for many of them is to know what steps your business has taken to ensure their safety.

Most likely, they already have a good idea about whether or not coronavirus is spreading in their community. They will talk to their friends to find out what is going on where – far as feeling safe is concerned. You can also be sure that they will ask if the staff are wearing masks or not – if it is spreading in your area.

Check State and Area Guidelines

Each state, as well as each locality, will have their own specific rules that need to be followed when reopening. Certain types of stores and businesses will be allowed to open before others. Some businesses will need to make considerable changes before opening and others will not. Changes will be needed in places where people are normally sitting or walking within six-feet of each other. In that case, tables or desks, aisles, etc., will need to be rearranged or partitioned to ensure proper social distancing.

Different Businesses – Different Rules

The type of business that you have will also have a part in the rules that you need to follow. They would be different, for instance, if you have a manufacturing business, you are a dentist, or if you own a restaurant. Be sure to follow the guidelines given by the CDC for your type of business.

Protect Your Employees

As a business owner, you need to ensure that your employees are protected as much as possible. If one or more gets sick with coronavirus, he or she will be out for a while. They could also spread it to other employees. Finding new ones to replace them will be difficult since many people are hesitant to go to a new job during the pandemic. Others may be looking for work, but you will still have to train them.

General Guidelines You Might Use

Although you will need to check locally to discover what your requirements are, there are some that you may want to implement for added safety. Here are some suggestions:

  • Temperature checks for employees
  • Have dedicated staff just for sanitizing
  • Provide shopping hours just for seniors
  • Eliminate reusable bags
  • Disinfect shopping carts
  • Offer individual appointments
  • Limit number of customers in-store
  • Ensure that the store looks clean at all times – including restrooms
  • Have hand cleaner or wipes available at store entrance and exit.

Offer New Products Especially Related to Current Needs

Since you are likely to have fewer customers – at least until people are assured it is safe to go out and be with other people – be sure to offer some specialized products related to coronavirus. Find a product or service that people have a hard time finding in your area and arrange for quantities to be delivered to your store. Think of the problem people had seeking toilet paper, hand cleaners, and disinfectants.

Let Your Customers Know What You Are Doing to Protect Them

The fastest way to let your customers know what you are doing to protect them when reopening is to send emails directly to them. The email should include the details of your preventive actions including disinfection procedures, plastic barriers between customers and cashiers, social distancing marks on the floor and reminders throughout the store, requiring masks on employees, etc. You can also let your customers know by putting the details in sale papers, on your website and social media, and on signs in your store windows.

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