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Employees and ManagementHow to Motivate Your Employees To Get Vaccinated

How to Motivate Your Employees To Get Vaccinated


Many businesses have discovered that there is strong pushback against getting vaccines by some employees – even among front-line medical staff. This makes it difficult to create a “safe” workplace. Although you could force employees to be vaccinated, you may discover that some of your better employees would rather quit.

Being “Free” Is Not Enough

Even though the government is offering vaccines at no cost to Americans, many have refused to take up the offer. Those that have received the vaccines are much fewer in the southern states. The resistance has stumped many officials, who are surprised that even people that are well aware of the risk of getting COVID-19 and its variants have not been motivated to receive the vaccine.

Incentives Being Offered at All Levels

Some employers – and even state governments – that want to help people get their vaccines have chosen to offer some attractive incentives to get around this hesitation. Of course, the hope and goal of President Biden to get most of America vaccinated by July 4th has also helped push for creative ways to get people to jump on the bandwagon.

Companies of many types are providing free services, gifts, awards, and other incentives to people who get their vaccines. These gifts include:

  • Sweepstakes tickets to win up to $1 million and free groceries for one year (Kroger)
  • Sweepstakes to win cash, free cruises, and tickets to the Super Bowl (CVS)
  • Free rides to a vaccination location
  • Free childcare so that parents and caregivers can get vaccinated
  • Free flights for a year – if you win (United)
  • Tickets to sports events at a discounted price (Major League Soccer – 30% off, National Football League – 25% off on merchandise, and an opportunity to win 50 tickets to Super Bowl LV)
  • Discount on purchases after a vaccine in their store ($5 off at Target, 10% at Acme, Jewel-Osco, Pavilions, Safeway, Tom Thumb, and more)
  • Sweepstakes for tickets to the 2022 Daytona 500

Incentives Being Offered to Employees

Many companies – even very large ones such as Amazon, AT&T, McDonald’s, United Airlines, Target, Walmart, General Mills, Disney, and many more – are also offering their employees paid time off while they get vaccinated. So far, these incentives range from two hours of paid time off to $500. Some of these companies even have on-site clinics to provide the shots.

States Are Offering Incentives, Too

Several states are getting in on the incentive idea as well. They are trying to appeal to people within their state with various unique ideas. Some of these incentives include (a partial list):

  • Booze (Louisiana, New Jersey)
  • Cash Prizes (Maryland, Oregon)
  • Fishing and Hunting License (Maine, Minnesota)
  • Full Scholarship (Delaware, Ohio)
  • Lottery or Sweepstakes Ticket (Kentucky, New Mexico, and more)
  • Six Flags tickets (Illinois)
  • Tickets to State Fairs
  • Tickets to Sports Games (New York)
  • And more – including guns, sports tickets, airline tickets, game systems, etc.

If your business is interested in creating that “safe” environment to encourage more people to visit your business, have you considered using incentives? You may be able to come up with one that would motivate your employees to get the vaccine of their choice – if available in your area. Before offering one, though, check with your employees that have not yet received a vaccine to see if they would be interested.

Some legal problems may be encountered when offering an incentive. You may want to get legal advice first and consider whether or not you want to reward employees that have already been vaccinated.

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