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How to Measure Advertising Impact


Advertising can be a powerful influence to bring in customers and profit for your business. Every business needs to know how to obtain the most impact for their advertising dollars. However, you can only know your advertising impact if you are measuring it. Without knowing what to look for, you are probably throwing away money that could be used more effectively. These tips will show you how to measure your advertising impact.

Create a Baseline

Before you do any advertising, you need to have a starting point – a baseline to determine how much of an increase your marketing campaign is impacting your audience. How you are going to measure your advertising impact  – the results you desire to obtain – also needs to be determined in advance. Are you looking for more visitors to your website? Phone calls? More visitors to your store? Email addresses? More sales?

Split-Test Your Advertising Campaign Before Using

Before posting a particular ad on a large scale, use split-testing to determine if a variation of your ad might work better. Post two ads that are similar for a limited time – a day or two – and see which one gets the most clicks. You can do this two or three times, changing one of the ads each time for comparison to ensure you have an ad that will deliver the results you want. Sometimes, all that is needed is a different color or background for better results. It is not a good idea to avoid this step if you want the best ROI possible.

Check Interaction on Social Media

When placing an ad on social media, you want to check the interaction level. Watch what people are doing with each ad. Are they posting comments? Clicking through on the link? Once on your website – are they looking at other pages; buying; or taking another desirable action? Remember that you have people at varying interest levels in your product, but determine if you are seeing an increase in traffic and other results.

Finding out which social media site is sending the most traffic to your website is also important. You need to watch your metrics and note which site is sending you the most traffic that visits the most pages, signs up more people, or buys from you. Make sure that your ad on each social media site is geared to that audience – which varies from one site to another – for best results.

Know Where Your Customers Are Coming from

Hopefully, you will have new visitors to your website or store from a variety of sources. You could be getting visitors from a website, an online ad, a newspaper, radio, etc., but you need to know what led them to you. One of the best ways to do this is to use a coded coupon. Place a different code from each source, etc., then, provide a discount with the coupon and it will help you find out where most of your traffic is coming from.

Take Advantage of Best Time Windows

As you look at your metrics, you also want to note what time of day is bringing you the most traffic. This is especially important if you are going to use short-term ads.

Understand Why One Ad Works Better Than Another One

In order to duplicate ad success, you need to study your successful ads and see what it is about it that has attracted new customers. This way, you can apply those same tactics and have it work again and again.

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