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Business Strategy How to Market for the Holidays

How to Market for the Holidays


Every business will be striving to gain as large a market share as possible during the upcoming holiday season. As a business owner, you can get your share if you have the right marketing technique to promote your products and business during the holidays. The good news is that some methods are low cost and do not require a large marketing budget.

Develop a Pre-season Marketing Strategy

Weeks before the holiday season gets started, which normally starts after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you need to develop a marketing plan. Look at a calendar and plan to have special sales, highlight special products, and target your different marketing groups with various marketing methods. Put each event on a calendar and give yourself adequate advance time to develop the sales pages, webpages, emails, flyers, social media posts, etc., before each event.

Knowing how you will advertise your holiday specials in advance through various marketing campaigns, will enable you to get ahead of your competitors. Avoid basic planning and develop complete details so that you are ready as each week approaches.


Seeing Christmas decorations on your website and in your store can put people in the mood for buying. They will buy gifts for others and shop for themselves at the same time if they see something they like. Christmas decorations remind people of gift-giving and good times together with loved-ones – even if they cannot meet with them.

Upsell on Your Website

It is important to remember that the holiday season begins in early November and extends through the New Year. With online advertising, you can target international holidays that also occur during November and December. Be sure to use the right keywords with each webpage you post.

When people look for certain products on your webpages, you can post related ideas just below the product to provide upsell opportunities. Amazon very successfully uses this marketing strategy to get customers to buy more.

Ensure Mobile Device Users Can View Sales

A large percentage of people will look for holiday gifts using their mobile devices. Make sure your website and specials can be viewed on these devices and that they can easily find the information they need and be able to purchase your products as easily as possible.

Target Your Local Audience

Take advantage of Facebook and Google’s special provision to highlight your business within a specific geographic area. Create a special sale just for local people. Offer special prices or a gift to those who visit your store.

Marketing campaigns can sometimes experience trouble. A website may go down; a webpage may not work correctly; shopping carts can fail, etc. You need to have someone or a team of people, that you can contact and have them working on it within a couple of hours – not days later.

Offer Some Holiday Gifts

Besides your regular products, be sure to have some products available that will make great holiday gifts. You can advertise some of these on your website and sales papers. You may also want to provide gift wrapping for those items in your store.

Provide Free Shipping

When a customer buys over a certain dollar amount from your business, offer to provide free shipping. If you let your online customers know this, it will increase your sales.

Create a Reason to Buy Now

On your special offers, you need to create a real reason why customers should buy now. Make the reason compelling but avoid false urgency – your customers can detect it and will not buy. Lower prices than your competitors will provide a really good reason.


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