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Business TechHow to increase your Small Business Marketing with AI

How to increase your Small Business Marketing with AI


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just for the big guys anymore. You have actually been using it already, on your iPhone, Alexa, and other smart devices. You are not alone in your absence of the use of this technology. According to Adobe, just 15% of enterprises are using AI today. Let’s see how you can get in the game and incorporate AI into your marketing efforts.

Advanced Email: Many email marketing services offer AI features that improve the effectiveness of your messages, such as subject-line generators to attract a higher click-through rate. AI can analyze the words you use in your marketing, one by one, so that you can improve your message for increased engagement and revenue.

Online Advertising: Although you may have to deal with the devil to do it, Facebook is already using AI that can improve your advertising. While ultimately scary for your privacy, the lack of privacy of others is good for your business. Instead of a broad market appeal, Facebook AI gathers data about your target audience such as their interests, demographics, keyword searches and other online data, which you can leverage to instantly create Facebook ads that are more effective.

Content is King: As you are well aware, good and unique content drives visitors to your site. However, this can be time consuming and rather expensive to small firms. These AI-powered tools are able to understand the context of your topic, find related content based on sentiment and main keywords, then reconstruct and rewrite a new article that’s verified for readability.

Chatbots to Grow Sales: Just about every retail website of significance uses some form of chatbot. This is typically seen on the front page of a site, characterized by a cartoon version of a human customer support agent. At first, I must admit, I am kind of disappointed when I see the chatbot, as opposed to a “live chat” customer support. Live chat to me is the best thing since sliced bread. I will never call for help, and will only go to a retail outlet as a last resort. I will be much more likely to use the services and products of a company that uses live chat. With that said, a chatbot is a distant second, at least for now.

When they first came on the scene a number of years ago, the messages were very “canned,” and were usually not able to get at the crux of the problem. Advances in AI have allowed chatbots to hold intelligent, natural conversations with your customers who need support. In addition, an up-sell capability has been created where the chatbot will understand your customer support needs, and make product recommendations based upon them.

If you are stepping into the realm of AI for the first time, think about what area of your business could use advanced automation, in the form of AI. It could be customer support, marketing or sales. The various tools are there for you if you do a little research, and at a price-point that will work for you.

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