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Business StrategyHow to Increase Traffic on a Facebook Page

How to Increase Traffic on a Facebook Page


One of the most important websites you can use to attract new customers is your Facebook page. It is important because it already has all the traffic you need from all over the world – currently 1.62 billion users – coming to it daily. Now all you need to do is to find ways to divert some of it to your business Facebook page. Seven tactics will help you increase traffic on Facebook and help you keep it coming.

Use Attractive Photos with Your Posts

The first thing that people will see when they visit your Facebook page is going to be the photo. If it is attractive and interesting – and hopefully related to your text – it will draw attention to your written message and increase future traffic on your Facebook page.

Remember That It’s Free

Apart from Facebook ads, what you do on Facebook is not going to cost you anything except time. With all of the traffic that is available through this medium, it would be foolish to ignore the potential. Take advantage of it as much as you can, but also remember that it is not the only possible source of traffic.

In addition to your business Facebook Page, Facebook also has other offerings that can help you get more traffic. It also owns Facebook Live, Facebook Groups, Facebook Watch, Facebook Marketplace, and Facebook Stories. After you increase traffic on your Facebook page getting traffic, add one or two of the other ones to get even more traffic.

Create Content That People Need and Want

Staying away from promotional-only content is very important if you want Facebook to work with you instead of against you. Their algorithms focus on user-generated content and tend to minimize traffic to promotional pages. Add a social element to your pages and vary your content. Post more social material (70% plus) than promotional.

Varying the types of content you provide is also important as well as how often you post and the time of day. It will reveal which type the audience prefers. Remember, though, that with Facebook’s current algorithms, only about two percent of your audience will ever see any post. This makes it important to repurpose your content – alter it some and put it in a different format (it also makes creating content a little easier).

Adjust Your Posts According to Your Metrics

Facebook pages have a link to Insights that will provide you with the information you need to target your audience more precisely. Look at the “Posts” tab and then click on the “Post Types” tab for better information. Besides showing you which posts your audience prefers, it will also reveal the posts that have the highest reach organically. Target your new content to the visitors that take action and not just provide your page with likes.

Share Other People’s Content

Social media means that you also promote other people’s content. Do not pretend that you are the author. After finding content that is worth sharing, you can like it and then press the button to share it on your business Facebook page.

Use Email to Promote Facebook Posts

Each time you put up a new post, send out an email notice to your fans. They will often like your page and may make comments – increasing the popularity of the post – and possibly sharing it on their Facebook page.

Aim for Value

Everything you post on your business Facebook page should add value to your audience. You should watch the metrics closely and know what will bring sales and not just curious visitors – although some of them may become fans.

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