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How to Find the Best Ideas for Your Business Content


Developing good content each week and coming up with new content ideas is necessary to keep your business and products in the public’s eye. The problem with that is that it can be hard to find new ideas for content that will resonate with your audience, week after week. Finding new ideas for great content is not easy, but knowing where to look to get those ideas will help relieve some of the pressure. Here are several ways you can find an ongoing source of ideas for business content.

Google It

You can start finding content ideas by typing in a keyword phrase related to your topic. As you type, you will notice that various ideas will pop underneath what you are writing. These will be similar ideas that may help generate ideas. After you get the results from your search, look at the box containing various questions that people are also asking – which is located under the ads.

Since the topics will be similar to what you are typing, try to come up with four or five – or 20 – content ideas at the same time. It will enable you to save time later on. Make it a series of content that you can also make into an eBook later.

Social Media

Take a look at your followers on social media. See what they are interacting with each other about or how they interact with your posts. It will give you social media ideas for your next post.

Read Reviews

Reading product reviews for your own or similar products can help you not only get ideas for content, but it will also give you suggestions on how to improve your actual products. It is good to know what the public thinks – whether good or bad – because you can generate ideas from it.

Peruse Blog Comments

You need to keep up with comments made on your blogs. These can also give you ideas on the type of content that your readers need. They may make suggestions on an existing post or ask questions that you can turn into a new blog post.

Use AnswerthePublic

This site is excellent as a content ideas generator. You simply type in one or two words and it will give you many digital content ideas. What may be even more useful is that it separates the types of ideas into sections of questions starting with words such as how, when, what, who, why, etc. Since each question can be made into a separate blog post, it will certainly get you thinking about other possibilities for topics, too.

This site will not only give you content ideas, but it will also show you the latest topics being discussed. It is current and can help you stay ahead of your competitors by showing you what the public wants to know now.

Look Over Your Competitor’s Posts

Chances are good that your competitors are also working hard to find content ideas and have come up with some topics you have not yet thought of.  You can get ideas from them and then make your content better, use different or more keywords, and draw some traffic from them.

Content Ideas Generator

There are several places you can go when you need content ideas. Besides AnswerthePublic, you can also go to sites such as Ubersuggest (built by Neil Patel), Hotspot’s Blog Topic Generator, Impact’s Blog Title Generator, and Buzzsumo’s Question Analyzer. Some of these are paid sites and some are free.

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