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HORIST: When are enough dead Americans enough for the Democrats in Congress?


The murder of California police officer Ronil Singh should be the final straw to break the back of the Democrats merciless disregard for the safety and lives of innocent Americans victimized by illegal aliens – aliens who have repeatedly re-entered America across a border the Democrats refuse to secure and defend.

Almost every time one of the Democrats and the folks on the left talk about our southern border, they begin by saying – in one form or another — “we believe in securing the border.” They are lying. Other than lip service, they have done nothing – nada – to defend the border for more than 20 years – and counting. They did nothing when they controlled the Congress. They did nothing when they had the White House and the Congress.

One needs to remember that candidate Barack Obama promised the Hispanic community that he and the Democrats would address immigration reform. In fact, he said it would be his first priority. He lied. Not only was it not a priority, President Obama, then-Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did nothing – nada – regarding immigration reform throughout the Obama presidency. They did nothing to secure the border, and as a result, there are too many families mourning the loss of loved ones.

Of course, the Democrats did do something in the past two years. They openly promoted a porous border and aggressively blocked any efforts to secure it. They support “catch and release” which allows unqualified migrants to remain in the country under the radar. They support a full range of citizenship benefits for illegal aliens – including the right to vote in local elections. They create sanctuary cities and states to provide safe harbors for illegal aliens – including those with serious criminal records.

They not only oppose the enforcement of our immigration laws, they call for the elimination of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). In one California city, the Democrat mayor actually aided and abetted illegal aliens – including hardened criminals — by warning them of a planned ICE sweep. It is estimated that more than 600 targeted individuals – including many with criminal records – were able to escape.

Democrats refuse to change our immigration laws to minimize illegal residency. They oppose ending the abusive “chain migration” that enables one person to bring in DISTANT relatives – and often people not even related. They refuse to consider ending the anachronistic policy of “anchor babies” in which tens of thousands of women come here – legally and illegally – solely for the purpose of birthing an American citizen – and using the baby for “chain migration.”

Democrats attack our border agents and support personnel who must deal with the flood of migrants who are enticed to seek asylum because of a combination of Democrat policies and inaction. They allow hundreds of thousands to flood over our border even though the vast majority (historically about 80 percent) of them are not eligible for asylum under U.S. laws. This is a pertinent fact that Democrats and their media allies refuse to acknowledge in their mendacious public statement and reports on the caravan migrants. Ineligible aliens are in the country because of “catch and release.” They enter illegally and simply do not report for their court vetting. For obvious reasons, that is especially true of the criminal elements.

Democrats actually protect the criminal element. We can remember the case of the young mother who was to be deported. Democrats rallied to her defense. She did more than cross the border illegally, she stole identification to fraudulently obtain government benefits. Yet, Democrats held her up as a pathetic figure. Any American who steals an identity and defrauds the government would be subject to criminal prosecution. In the Democrat mindset, however, an illegal alien should be immune from prosecution or any other consequences – such as deportation.

Democrats and the left-wing media demonize our border personnel as heartless people willing to allow children to die – and then they blame it all on President Trump. The press pushes dishonest reports and analyses in support of the Democrats’ false narrative regarding the handling of families and children.

They do not report that many of the separated “children” are teenagers who cross the border on their own. Others are not the children of the folks who claim to be their parents. Some parents drop off their children and disappear. Some are the children of serious felons who need to be arrested – obviously separating them from their criminal parents. That is sadly what happens – and must happen – to the children with criminal parents.

Democrats encourage the throngs that appear on our border and then use the chaos they have created as an excuse to allow them all to simply run free throughout the United States.

Democrats and the media lie when they claim that the push for stronger border security is based on racism. That overplayed race card is a joker. America has been – and remains – the most open and tolerant of immigrants for all over the world – from every culture and nationality. The Democrat strategy is to use bogus claims of racism to ensure that there is no push back against open borders and the unrestricted influx of illegal aliens.

The left lied about the recent caravan of thousands of migrants – claiming that they are mostly mothers and children escaping oppression. In fact, 80 percent were single males. Leading into the election campaign, they falsely claimed that those thousands of marchers would not even reach our border. They lied. Democrat funders and activists supported the groups and organizations that organized those caravans.

There are honest Democrats who openly admit that they believe that any and all who cross our border should be given asylum, legal residency and even citizenship. That is why they do everything to encourage and entice people to cross our border at will. Former Congressman, former Vice Chairman of the Democratic National Committee and recently elected Minnesota Attorney General – and acolyte of anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan – Keith Ellison proudly wore a t-shirt at a May Day parade with “Yo no creo en fronteras” – “I do not believe in borders.” Defeated Democrat Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke put out a video opposing any barriers, including a wall, without any hint of how he would address the constant breaching of the border.

Then there is the definition of THE WALL. To gin-up opposition to funding border security, Democrats have been claiming that they are for security but not a 1000-mile brick and concrete wall — which they compare to the Great Wall of China and describe as “17th Century technology.” They proffer this straw man imagery even though Trump has repeatedly said that the funding would go for a variety of structures, technologies and strengthening natural barriers based on the need to accommodate specific locations.

When outgoing White House Chief of Staff General John Kelly said, “Trump uses the word ‘wall’ … but in fact it is not a ‘wall,’” the media went wild with a mendacious theory that Trump is lying about the wall to please his base. This, even though Trump, on repeated occasions, had referred to a variety of barriers and other structures with pictures on his tweets. The “wall” is merely a metaphor. In the past two years, I have brought that fact out in several commentaries – and yet the left persists with their lies about the design of the structure(s) in an effort to block greater border security.

Democrats deflect the debate by saying that most illegal aliens came here legally and overstay their visas. That is correct, but that does not mean the situation at the border is not a problem with dire ramifications. Any notion of comprehensive immigration reform needs to address all these problems – which Democrats refuse to do.

Even when they pay lip service to border security, Democrats rarely offer up any suggestions as to how they would achieve it – and on those rare occasions that they do offer hints, they sound a lot like what Trump has been proposing.

The murder of Officer Singh is newsworthy not because it is so rare, but because it is all too common. Singh was the personification of everything that is good about America as a land of immigrants and all that is bad about the immigration situation as it exists today.

Singh was an immigrant from Fiji who came to America by the legal process. He brought with him his own dreams of a better future and his own contribution to his new homeland. He was not only a worker, but a man standing in the frontline protecting his fellow citizens. He was a young man with a bright and joyful future. He was a loving husband and the father of a 5-month-old son.

The American Dream was seen in the Christmas photo of Singh with his wife, daughter and police dog – a photo taken just hours before he was gunned down by a brutal illegal alien thug with a violent criminal record – a gang member who had been repeatedly arrested and deported. But thanks to those Democrat-backed policies and their tenacious resistance to common sense reform, that thug was on the streets of California – and a wonderful American and human being is no longer.

On one side, we see the tragedy in the uncontrollable tears of Singh’s brother – and can only imagine the crushing heartbreak his wife suffers. There is a young boy who will only know his father from old photographs and family tales.

There is also a ripple effect on the other side. The killer has been arrested and hopefully will face the full consequences of his action. He, too, has family and friends. Mostly, they are illegal aliens and criminals. As Singh lay dying, they were conspiring to protect the killer – lying, concealing information and evidence. Seven of his low-life cohorts – including his girlfriend and his brother — have also been arrested, and there may be more.

These arrests do not solve the problem, however. In many other places in America, there are evil individuals, the malignant by-product of Democrat Immigration policies – or more accurately, the obstruction of truly corrective immigration policies. As there has been in the past, there WILL BE another innocent American killed by an illegal alien – an illegal alien that by all that is good and right should not be on the streets of America.

If you were to believe the Democrats, there are no bad actors among the illegal immigrants. We need immigrants to keep growing our economy. But we also need vetting to separate the wheat from the chaff – the good folks from the criminals – and that is what Democrats refuse to support. They see political advantage in allowing hundreds of thousands – even millions – of potential Democrat voters in the country. If that means thousands of criminals, gangbangers and drug dealers and an untold number of American victims, so be it. It is time to stop pretending the Democrats and the left-wing media is well intentioned in this issue. They are not.

Singh’s life should be remembered and celebrated – and there is only one appropriate memorial. That is for the people of America – including Democrats –to rise and demand that the insanity of open borders be ended – and a return to a just, fair and LEGAL immigration process with proper vetting. That is not too much to ask.

So, there ‘tis.

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