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Five Tips for Writing Content for Your Business Website


Putting content on your website or blog is important, but even more important is what is in the content. It is not enough just to have a post related to your business, although regular posting is necessary. When you write content, there needs to be five elements in the posts you write for it to provide better results.

 1. Make Your Content Relevant

Visitors will be much more likely to stick to your website if they find the content they were searching for from the search engines. It needs to provide solid information and it should do it concisely. Avoid fluff and stick to the same topic on each page.

2. Keep It Interesting

Boring content will only serve to drive people away. Keep it as interesting as possible to keep them reading so that you can bring them to the bottom where your call-to-action will be found. The text should also flow easily from one paragraph to the next. To ensure it is interesting, have more than one person in your office read and comment on it.

3. Use Keywords

Most of the people that will visit your website will find it through a Google search, or other search engines. To help them find your website, you need to use SEO writing. Take the time to insert keywords related to the topic on the page but do not overdo it. Overuse of keywords – called “keyword stuffing,” will lower your website’s ranking on Google and this will result in less traffic.

Keywords only need to be used between 1-4 times in a 500-word article. Related keywords, called “semantic keywords,” can also help. These are words that are related to your primary keywords. They can be discovered easily by entering your word into the browser search bar. You will see a drop-down box open that will give you several possible semantic keywords. For a greater variety of keywords, enter one or more of those words or phrases into the search bar. Links to other pages on your website should also be added, and you want them to be linked to your keywords.

4. Write for the Web

When people visit websites, they will often skim the sub-points, so be sure to put at least two or three on each page of your web content. You also want to write short paragraphs, consisting of only three to five sentences each, and each sentence should be rather short. This will make it easy to scan. In between each of the paragraphs, you should place some white space – a blank line. This makes it easier to read and it looks better.

5. Always Proofread It

It is amazing how many websites there are that have obvious grammatical and punctuation mistakes in their posts. Some of them are so glaring that it is easy to tell that it was not reread or edited. Although it does not need to be perfect, simple mistakes are inexcusable – especially when there are multiple grammar and spelling checkers online.

Well-written content will help your business to look professional but poorly written content can make your reader want to find one of your competitors. They will look for someone who cares to do their best and at least sounds intelligent. If you do not write well or if English is your second language, hire a writer to produce the content for you – or at least get a natural-speaking English editor to polish your writing for you.










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