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Business StrategyFive Tips for Success When Cold Emailing

Five Tips for Success When Cold Emailing


By now, everyone expects to get some spam email. People will typically scan their email list to see which ones are important – or interesting – before opening any of them. This makes it difficult to get someone to open an email sent by someone they do not know and then have them click on it to learn more. Despite that, several techniques can increase the open rate above the standard three percent when cold email marketing.

Use Your Subject Line to Draw Attention

All too often a subject line will indicate that your email is spam. This may mean that your recipient’s spam detector will automatically move it to the spam folder. You want to avoid using words that spam detectors typically look for (there are many of them – you can find lists online).

The subject line should raise their curiosity but not promise anything beyond what the client will actually receive. Some emails get rejected simply because they are unbelievable. It is recommended that you keep it short – limiting it to 15 characters – because no more than that will be visible on most mobile devices.

Keep It Short and to the Point

Unsolicited emails need to be kept short. The person already feels like it is an interruption in their time to open an email they were not expecting – but they took a chance – based on the subject line. Get to the point right away and keep the email short. The shorter the better – but make it good.

Keeping it short means that you will need to take some time to write it and rewrite it. It needs to get and keep their attention. Many people may only glance at it between busy moments, so make it pique their interest so that they will read it later when they can give full attention to it.

Personalize Your Email

Greeting your recipient by name is a great way to start an email. Add personalization at other points in the email to make it sound like it is addressed to that person. This will increase your email openings several times – possibly going up to more than 15%.

Identify yourself right away – just like you would in a personal encounter. Remember that they do not know you or your company, so help them relax a little so that they will read the rest of your email. Avoid using email templates.

Address a Real Pain Point

People have real needs and they want to find solutions for them. When you address an existing pain point and offer a reasonable solution, people will respond to it. You will also need to back up your claim so that you sound more credible.

The pain point needs to be clearly expressed in the email. It needs to be identified, and then you need to show how you can solve that problem. If you do not have a real solution, you should either wait until you have one or not send it at all. You only have one chance to get their attention – after that, it goes into the trash folder. You can also provide some tips on ways to overcome the problem – and then show how your solution may be the best way – or an easier way to solve it.

Check to See If You Would Respond to It

Once you have created your draft, read it over to see if it is something that you would likely respond to. If not, it will take some more tweaking. Do not send it until you believe that it would make you respond if you were in your recipient’s situation.

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