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Five Things You Need to Know Before Shipping


When you need to ship a large quantity of goods or need more storage space quickly – a shipping container may be one of the best ways to meet that need. Other possible uses include setting up a quick or temporary container office or using one or more for a container home. The cost is reasonable and it will enable you to send a lot of goods at one time.

Available Container Sizes

Shipping containers, which may also be called a Conex box, an ISO container, or a cargo box, come in various sizes, with the smallest one being 20 feet in length. The next size is twice as big – 40 feet in length, and some may be as long as 53 feet. A 20ft container can hold 9 or 10 standard pallets, and a 40ft container can hold up to 20 or 21 standard pallets. Standard shipping containers are 7.9 feet in height.

Advantages of Containers

Shipping a large amount of goods via container offers you more than one advantage. Multiple types of containers are available for a wide variety of goods or uses – including refrigerated units. They are also standardized, which means that they can be moved via truck, train, or ship.

Another advantage is that it is not necessary to fill a container before it can be shipped. You can reduce your cost by sharing container space with another company that only needs a partial container. That company, however, would need to have the same starting and endpoint as your container. You also should know that you are not charged by weight, which enables you to ship anything in a container and not need to be concerned about how much it weighs.

Make a Detailed Inventory

As you pack your container, you want to ensure that all items are listed on the invoice. Some items, such as electronics or flammable goods (and more) are not allowed to be shipped to certain countries, so you would need to verify it before shipping. You also need a detailed invoice for insurance purposes, which will be required. Packing the container carefully is necessary so that minimal damage will occur during transportation.

The Cost

An advantage of using a 40ft container over a 20ft container is that you can save a lot of money with the larger size. Using the larger unit will only cost about 25 percent more than the smaller size to ship. This lets you put as much as you want into a single container. A problem you may encounter is that it could cost you more to ship a container that is not full than one that is fully loaded. You can expect to pay the full amount upfront.

If you only intend to ship your product or a single item – such as a car – to another port – it is usually unnecessary to buy the container. You may need to buy it if you intend to use it after it arrives at your destination – or if the container faces international restrictions. If you use a shipping company’s container, it may not be allowed to leave the port. Buying it could be valuable if you intend to repurpose it after arrival.

Prepare for Delays

Be aware that shipping companies do not always deliver when expected. Various problems can delay the arrival of your container, and other companies that may move the company from one place to its final destination may also encounter problems with delivery.

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Five Things You Need to Know Before Shipping

When you need to ship a large quantity of goods or need more storage space quickly – a shipping...

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