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Business StrategyEverything You Need to Know About Marketing

Everything You Need to Know About Marketing


It is easy to say that you are marketing your business and products. The real question, however, is whether you are satisfied with the results and getting a reasonable ROI for your money? Being successful in marketing requires more than just posting ads, sending out flyers, and using social media.

Provide a Solution

Instead of talking about your company in your marketing material, customers want you to get to the bottom line quickly. They want to know how they will benefit from your product or service. They do not want or need to know much else.

Once you have a product that people want, be sure to continue to improve it. This can keep up interest and build your brand.

Market to a Tight Target Market

Instead of trying to sell a product to everybody, realize that there are only a certain number of people who can benefit from your product. Direct your ads to this group of people and not to the world as a whole. The goal should be getting quality traffic coming to your website or store and not merely quantity.

Marketing effectively to your target market requires that you use media that is sure to reach that market. If your product is for teens, you need to include using social media that appeals to teens today – which is always changing.

On the extreme end, be careful of marketing and selling beyond your capability to deliver the product in a timely fashion. This could hurt your reputation if delivery takes too long to satisfy your customers. Quick delivery is the name of the game now.

Emphasize Your Uniqueness

There is little doubt that other companies are already selling a similar product – or, at least one that promises similar results. Here is where you make your product shine – emphasize how it is different and better.

Appeal to Their Emotions

Do more than just list the benefits. While that is very important, tap into their emotions with those benefits. Will it make you look prettier? Will it last longer than similar products? Will it satisfy your hunger cravings? Will it make you happier?

Validate Your Claims

Bringing in some testimonials is the ideal way to do this. Let your customers add to your credibility and testify what they liked about your product and how it was just what they needed or wanted. A good testimonial can prove more valuable than your own words.

A case study is another way to show how your product shines. Talk about the need a client or customer had, and then reveal how your product helped them.

Price It Right

Unless your product can provide much better results than your competitor’s, you probably want to keep your pricing in a similar range. Pricing also needs to be determined by your target market: are you selling to the well-heeled, the average person on the street, etc.?

Direct Them to Act

Finish with at least one call-to-action. Be sure to tell the reader – or listener – exactly what you want them to do. Do not leave them hanging and do not waste the opportunity to get them to act: whether you want them to submit an email address, buy now, call now, download a report, etc.

A call-to-action needs to be clear and you need to be sure that they can do it easily. Make sure that they can easily see the call-to-action and perform it on various mobile devices.

Always Evaluate the Results

Every marketing tactic you use needs to be constantly evaluated in terms of results. You will notice fluctuations in your results and maybe even declines. Add new avenues of marketing as you can.

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