Monday, September 26, 2022
Employees and ManagementDeveloping Teams That Can Endure

Developing Teams That Can Endure


In a world that is attempting to recover from a pandemic, innovation is not only necessary but it will also help to ensure the survival of your company. What used to be considered normal business practices may become a thing of the past – enabling your business to become more agile and productive if the right steps are followed. Team development may now be possible that seemed impossible pre-pandemic, but business leaders need to be visionary and think about a clear direction and process to arrive at the goal.

Increasing productivity with fewer team members will be a necessity in some businesses due to reduced income. Businesses are discovering that some old business practices are less than ideal and need to be replaced with better methods that are actually helpful. Many new insights have come forward in recent months that business owners and leaders need to be aware of to meet today’s challenges with new and better methodology.

Surviving as a Team

Members of each of your teams need to stop looking at themselves as individuals having to cope alone. Some of them, by nature, are afraid to reveal how they feel or to voice their opinion for fear of being shot down. Teams need to work at encouraging thoughts and opinions of every member – even if it is given privately – to grow confident and feel value.

Companies of all sizes, including Verizon and General Motors, have adopted a commitment for their teams to “go higher together.” Individuals need to look out for other team members. When one member gets ahead, they need to be willing to ask other members how they can help the member lagging behind to get caught up. When individuals develop care for each other and the project as a whole and not just their part, productivity increases.


Team members need to be encouraged to share their feelings without fear of being shamed or belittled for their opinion. This can be done by letting team members share their successes and failures, followed by how they met those challenges. It could also be a time to seek advice when an individual does not yet have an answer to the problem they are facing.

Once views are shared along with possible solutions, team members need to be willing to have someone evaluate what has been said. Words need to be positive and it should bring out some things that were not mentioned.

Appreciation for Other Team Members

Team members need to learn to express thanks to each other. Finding things to be thankful for in others needs to be expressed to develop a sense of closeness and value for every team member. Once team members have learned to trust each other, suggestions and innovation will occur at a faster rate.

Increase Productivity

Companies can increase their productivity by bringing into their planning meeting those that actually do the work. By allowing them to make suggestions at monthly or weekly planning meetings, adjustments or recommendations may be made that could enable the work to be completed even faster or with certain shortcuts – possibly reducing project completion time. Clients may also be brought into the meeting to learn how to provide better customer service.

Many new and improvised business processes are being developed during this time of experimentation. As companies find that the old ways of doing business are not the best under the present circumstances, new models and thoughts are coming forth and many of them are need to be implemented as soon as possible in your business.

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