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Determining Your Company’s Lasting Values


Your company’s values help to define who you are as a company and why you exist. Without it, or when you have values that are too generic, it will likely be incapable of uniting your team together. When your company’s values are clearly defined, you will be able to get everyone on the same page. You will be able to repeat processes over and over and do it with the same goals in mind.

Putting your company’s values where the whole company is working to fulfill them leads to greater job satisfaction among your employees. It has also been found to bring increased growth in the bottom line.

Set Your Values High – but Reachable

If your company already exists, be careful about making your values fit your present situation. Instead, if you want something better, make your new values a goal that the entire company can aim for to raise it to a higher level. Think about where you want to take the company in the next five years. With each team member and employee striving to reach new levels, your company can improve its name and brand.

There are many values that you can add to your goals – whether they are for your employees or to help your customers trust you more. They may include such values as honesty, integrity, accountability, trust, always improving, diversity, quality, ownership, teamwork, innovation, and more.

Evaluate Your Current Company’s Culture

Before setting new values, take time to evaluate where your company’s culture and practices are now. To provide a proper assessment, take a look at how people look at your company on various review boards. Does your company have a good reputation? Do you need to work on some areas?

Develop Statements That You Can Promote

Many large companies today have core value statements. They have more than one to cover their needs and these statements are published on ads, posters, billboards, around the workplace, on packaging, and more. Your employees and customers need to know that you stand for quality, customer satisfaction, respect for your customers and each other, and are interested in promoting the good of your community.

Quality values that your customers and employees will respect will help your customers stick with you. This is especially true when they see your company practicing what it claims to be its values. Companies that people consider great are those that keep their word and believe the customer is first.

Plan the Steps Needed to Reach the New Goal

After you determine your goals, you need to have a way to achieve them. Make a strategic plan that encompasses all areas of your company, taking into consideration the various types of people, their education and skill levels, diversity, and your clientele. Figure out where you need to start, how fast you want to go to reach those goals, and what training and reinforcement will be needed.

Each goal needs to be made clear and concise. Your staff needs to be able to know what those terms mean and how you expect them to be applied in various situations. This will help everyone to get on the same page working toward the same end enabling your company to stand out.





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