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Employees and ManagementDealing with Holiday Stress? Five Tips to Help Cope

Dealing with Holiday Stress? Five Tips to Help Cope


Although the holidays represent a lot of joy for customers who look for and often find special deals on merchandise, those in the position of management can find the season very stressful. The threat of coronavirus adds even more pressure this year. Even though you may try and hide it, others around you at work and home are impacted by it.

Knowing how to deal with that stress is very important – not only for you but also for those who work under your leadership. If not dealt with properly, it could easily increase employee absenteeism and make the holidays miserable for you.

Acknowledge the Stress

Admitting that you are under stress is necessary to coping with it successfully. If you ignore it, it means that you are likely not going to take the necessary steps to relieve it, which will only add stress to your life while at your workplace. It will rob you of joy and happiness during the season, possibly of your health, too – and make people not want to be around you – even your own family.

Build-in More Time to Relax

As a business owner or manager, you need to build some time to relax into your busy schedule. This may mean reducing your business hours, which could also reduce the larger bills for keeping the doors open longer.

Although there is a strong temptation to keep your doors open longer during the holiday season, you could create a schedule with reduced hours to ensure your overall comfort and that of your family, too. They would appreciate spending time with you and they need to know that you value time spent with them.

Empower Employees to Run the Business

Appoint your most trusted and responsible employees to run the business while you take some time off during business hours. You can catch up on shopping, enjoy a walk in the park, run an errand or two, etc., and just get away for a little while. Let them know what to do in case of an emergency, along with the phone numbers of who to contact in case of a fire, robbery, power outage, medical emergency, Internet failure, etc.

Cheer Up Your Employees

You do not want to forget that your employees are also feeling more stressed than usual. More than likely, they are interacting with more customers, stocking more, checking out more customers than usual, etc. They also are concerned about becoming infected with coronavirus and about giving it to their family members if they become ill. You can cheer them up by giving them a bonus or special gift, time off for the holiday, a party, etc.

Be Concerned for Others

When stressed, it is easy to focus on yourself and your wants about how you want the business to run. Remember that the holidays are supposed to be joyful and peaceful and they want to feel those things. Help your employees to experience them while at your workplace by giving them praise, encouragement, help, and have some good holiday music playing to add some joy while working.

You might also encourage your employees to help out with a community project during the holidays. This could also help them – and yourself – to focus on those with needs other than what you have. Helping others in need is a great way to reduce stress and bring joy to a greater number of people during the holidays.

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