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Employees and ManagementCan Hiring Veterans Help Solve Your Productivity Problem?

Can Hiring Veterans Help Solve Your Productivity Problem?


Hiring veterans may be something that your company should seriously consider if you have not already had some experience in doing so. Many companies seek out veterans because of the qualities they possess that they gained from being in the military. Their training and experience can quickly make them your best employees.

Desirable Attributes of Veterans

After having spent time in the military, veterans are ideally qualified to be excellent employees. While their exact training may not always equip them for equivalent civilian jobs, as there are often no equivalent positions or tasks in the civilian world, employers should consider them for their other qualities. These may include:

  • Self-discipline
  • Stick-to-it-iveness – they can stick to a task until it is completed and will perform it well – once it has been learned.
  • Problem-solving – military personnel are often faced with the need to solve problems quickly and the solution may often result in life or death. They know how to think creatively, often having to rely on limited resources, and they know how to focus.
  • Leadership – if they have attained rank, they likely have had some experience and training in leadership and making decisions. They know the importance of leading by example, know how to delegate, provide clear instructions, and motivate.
  • Commitment – while civilians fresh out of college or high school are often just looking for a job, a military veteran is looking to make a living and possibly a career – which often involves a family. This means they are likely to stay much longer.
  • Willing to learn – when transferring back into civilian life, veterans know that they will often have to learn a new trade. They are willing and can learn fast.
  • Team-oriented – military people quickly learn the value of teamwork. They also must get along with others and they aim to fit in.
  • Adaptability – veterans often have to start learning to adapt from the moment they enter boot camp and during the rest of their military career. It is a lifestyle for them because it is a completely foreign world and often in foreign cultures.
  • Work hard – military personnel know very well that promotions must be earned. They work hard to get jobs done on time and often with limited time to complete them.
  • Possible Clearances – When a company wants to save money and time on getting a clearance for someone, veterans often exit the military with a clearance. This can make them ideal and will enable them to quickly fit into a position needing this type of credential.

Problems Possibly Encountered When Hiring Veterans

A Different Resume

Veterans have often never prepared a resume before, which can make it highly unusual. They may not understand exactly what an employer is looking for. To complicate things even more, if the person doing the hiring was never in the military, they may not understand what value the veteran could bring to the company.

Possible Misconceptions

If the person doing the hiring has not been in the military, he or she may also have several misconceptions about military personnel. They may think that a veteran only knows how to bark out orders, does not know how to get along with others, must always be told what to do, have PTSD that gets out of control, etc. These misconceptions are far from the truth.

Tax Credits May Be Available

Several tax credits are available for employers that hire veterans. When a company hires an unemployed veteran, they can get a tax credit called a Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) of up to $5,600 per vet hired. If they hire a veteran with a service-related disability, the company can get up to $9,600 for each one hired.

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