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Business StrategyAttract More Business with Your Website

Attract More Business with Your Website


Your website is the window that lets your potential buyers see what you have to offer. If it is not done correctly, people will get a poor image of you and your company – and they may choose to buy from a competitor if it is not what they expect. By following a few simple tips, you can attract more business to your business website.

Design an Attractive Webpage

Each of your webpages should be attractive. You want some whitespace (space where there is no writing or graphics) on each webpage so that it does not appear crowded. This makes it look clean and sharp – and easier to find what they are looking for. Make the lettering large enough for people to read without a problem. Everything should look professional – including all of your pictures and other graphics.

Avoid flashy graphics that are very distracting. They also slow down how fast the page loads and may even prevent it from fully loading on some devices. Your photos should be clear and relevant. Good graphics will give you higher engagement – possibly as much as 50% more.

Make the Navigation Clear

Visitors to your website want to be able to find things easily without having to guess where to go. Links should be clearly marked as to what is on each page. A back button should also be on each page so that they can easily return to the previous page.

Keep Ordering as Easy as Possible

Your customers want to order products or services as easily and as quickly as possible. It should not be difficult to order and requiring extra information should be eliminated.

Customers should have multiple ways to buy from you. Not everyone likes to use PayPal.

Focus on Benefits on Your Product Pages

Remember that customers are there to learn about your products – not your company. Each product page should list benefits for your customers because this is what they want to know and what will encourage them to buy from you.

Keep Your Content Up-to-Date

If your content is old and outdated, it is time to do a refresh. Make your content relevant to the customer and use keywords that will attract buyers. Some keywords may sound good but will only attract curiosity-seekers and tire-kickers. Choose the right keywords – the ones that convert – and a larger percentage of visitors will buy from you. Once you have higher converting keywords, start using pay-per-click advertising.

If you do not have a blog, start one. This will bring more traffic to your business website if you use the right keywords. Make your posts interesting and promote each one through social media. It is only necessary to post once a week as a minimum, but more often will drive more traffic your way.

Collect Emails

Have a way to collect emails from your customers that want more information and to know when you have special sales. This will help you get regular customers if you use emails to advertise and provide your list with special offers that no one else gets. It will also help to keep your business in their minds.

Provide Special Offers

Your website visitors will be more inclined to buy if they find special offers when they visit. Special offers have even more value if you use the word “free” in them. Providing “free shipping,” or “get a third one free if you buy two,” etc., works very well.

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