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Cash Flow Are You Using Email Campaigns Successfully?

Are You Using Email Campaigns Successfully?


Most likely, you are already using email campaigns to promote your business or products. Of all the various marketing methods available today, this tool has been found to be the most effective over the years. Many companies find that it results in as much as $40 per dollar spent ROI – which is almost twice as much as any other single method.

If you are not seeing this kind of result, you need to take a serious look at the methods you are using in your email marketing and upgrade your technique. Making a few changes in your emails and who you target and how may bring you much better results.

Build Your Email List

Make sure that you collect names and addresses legally – by letting them sign up for something in return. You only need to get a name and email address at the start, by offering something your visitors will want. You can offer a special deal, a coupon, a newsletter, and more. Put your sign-up box in plain sight, but avoid making them sign up or leaving your website.

Know Your Audience

By using various programs such as Google Analytics, you can discover enough statistics about your website signups to be able to target your emails to them. This is very important for developing successful email campaigns. If you do not know your audience, you cannot develop fully targeted emails.

Use Popups to Build Your List

Segmented email lists can be obtained that will let you target specific people among your audience. By getting people to sign up for specific offers on different website pages, you can create smaller groups that will enable you to generate highly targeted emails. This will also ensure that you get an even higher ROI per emailing campaign.

Varying your message and offer on different pages of your website, with an email opt-in for that specific offer, lets your visitors place themselves into certain categories. This is how you get your segmented email lists.

Using lightbox popups work the best for this purpose, although other types could also be used. This kind of popup shows up and the background text and pictures are darkened at the same time, causing your visitor’s eyes to focus on the popup box and its message. Make sure that visitors can click on the text and the popup disappears if they choose not to sign up or they will leave your website and never come back. Remember that you also have a sign-up box at the bottom of the page. Nearly all top brands use this method.

Provide Good Content

 Your website needs to contain some very good content that will attract people to it and keep them coming back. Of course, you do not want to put all of it on your website. Provide more great content through newsletters, reports, or eBooks – which you can make as offers to get more signups. Avoid posting fluff or generic material.

Email Frequency

Avoid sending out too many emails or people will start ignoring them. Develop a welcome email, an email thanking them for purchases, news emails, and product offer emails.

You also want to keep watching your analytics. Any changes in your analytics mean that you need to change something in the way you do things. This can help you to improve your results. Also be sure to make your emails readable on smartphones, since about half of your readers will use them when checking their emails. This requires that you have a single column of text and a little larger text size.


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