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Employees and Management7 Tips on Making the Right Hiring Choices

7 Tips on Making the Right Hiring Choices


Although any company can hire employees, it is a more difficult process to successfully find and hire quality employees that will perform well and help build your company. People are available, but finding ones that your company will be glad to have will take more work to find. Following some basic steps will help you know how to hire employees that will be the right people for your company.

  1. Define What You Are Looking for

Take time to review the job position and make sure that you have an updated job requirements list before you post that now hiring ad. If the position responsibilities have changed, make sure that the job description matches the actual responsibilities. Once these are understood, they will help you identify the type of person you are looking for, as well as the experience and training needed once onboarded. Once you have an accurate description with details, it will help eliminate unqualified candidates and keep them from applying.

  1. Collect Resumes and Only Select the Best

Save time during the hiring process by eliminating the candidate’s resumes that do not have the right job skills. Be careful about removing resumes that may not be as attractive or informative as others. They may be from people who have held positions for a long time at other companies but may not be up-to-date on how to make a resume.

  1. Look for Career Interest

When interviewing, see what interest they may have in the way of developing a career. Find out also if they are simply planning on using your job as a stepping stone to another field or position. Many employees today are only staying about a year at a job and then move on.

  1. Test Skills

You do not want to rely on what a resume says because many of them are inflated to make candidates look good – often better than they really are. Design tests that will reveal whether or not your candidate has the training and skills you are looking for. This step will also enable you to better determine what training is needed.

  1. Social Skills

In order for things to go smoothly at work and to have a good work environment, your employees need to be able to get along with others. Consider what social skills they have. You can learn a lot about this from previous employers and from investigating their online presence on social media.

  1. Consider Hiring Interns

If your company hires interns, this would certainly be an excellent pool to choose from. He or she has already learned the responsibilities of the position and you have already spent time and money on training. You will also have learned how well they do the job you hired them for and you know how well they fit in with your company’s culture. A similar alternative would be to hire on a temp to hire basis.

  1. Interview Only the Best Candidates

An interview should be well-planned and cover the things you want to verify and know about the potential employee. Two interviews work best if there are several top candidates to choose from. You can also learn much by having lunch with a candidate.

Taking time to refine your hiring practices will help you get the employees you want. Failing to develop a plan will cost money and time and give you regret when you get the wrong people. Creating a good work environment where employees are happy will help with employee retention.

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