Business Strategy How to Get More Email Signups

How to Get More Email Signups


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Part of any profitable marketing strategy today is going to include email marketing. It will often be used alongside social marketing. Even though it is still very effective in earning a profit, many businesses find themselves struggling to get a sufficient number of emails. These tips can help your business get more email signups.

Sign up for a newsletter.

Most people today will sign up for a newsletter that promises a benefit with special offers and discounts. Promise them exclusive deals not available to others and you will see more signups. Put the signup page on your website and you will see more.

Keep the signup form very short.

Avoid asking a lot of personal questions. You might just ask for an email address – or a first name and an email address. People will hesitate if they see a long form requesting a lot of information. If more information is needed, get it later.

Provide a free course for signing up.

Make it several lessons long and send out each lesson on consecutive days. An alternative would be to create a video course or webinar and only make it available to people that sign up for it. As an incentive to get more signups, let people see the first video for free.

Put great content on your website.

The more valuable and unique your information is on your webpages, the more people will consider you to be an expert. Also, the more likely they are to want to come back. This will also help people to choose to receive your newsletter as opposed to someone else’s with more generic information on it.

Create a bonus offer.

This will work well if you make a blog post with general information about a topic. Offer to provide more advanced information if they sign up for your newsletter. Remember to promote each blog post through your social media accounts to draw a larger audience.

Encourage your visitors to share the link with friends and family.

Every time a link is shared, you will see more visitors – and more email signups.

Add social proof to your website.

An excellent way to show that other people have an interest in your blog or newsletter is to post reviews on your website from Yelp or other similar sites. You want to post the best ones. It will let people see that other people appreciate you and your information – helping them to be more ready to signup.

Offer cheat sheets, checklists, or infographics.

People are always interested in information that is concise, shows a shortcut, and makes it easy to understand. Whether it is how to perform a task, understand a concept, explain a procedure, etc., offer it for signing up for your newsletter.

Make a guide available for a signup.

There are many types of guides that you can create. There is no specific length – they can be short or long. You can offer an introductory guide, a pocket guide, or an advanced guide. You could even make a series of guides, each level being used to get more signups. You can also do this with podcasts.

Each of the above ways to get email signups can be used over and over. You can even make a couple of them occur simultaneously with another one – just put them on different webpages. Make it easy to sign up and be sure to give the new signup exactly what you promised. This can be done automatically or manually.


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