Cash Flow Have You Tried These Business Marketing Tactics Yet?

Have You Tried These Business Marketing Tactics Yet?


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Every business needs to make itself known if it is going to survive. Many small businesses have already reported that they have made less than 50 percent of their pre-COVID-19 profits since it started. Most likely, you can reach a larger number of people with your product by adding some new marketing tactics. Make sure that your website is ready to go, and then try the following marketing methods.

Add a Blog

If you do not already have a blog, get one. Each time you add new content to your blog or articles to your website, it will bring new people to your website. It will also help your website to rank higher in the search engines. Post content that your customers will want to know about your products or services and use important keywords.

Get Your Business Listed on Google and Bing

List your business on Google’s free listing at Google My Business and Bing Places for Business. Fill in the important contact information and it will help more people find your business.

Visit Business Meetings at the Local Chamber of Commerce

Attend one of the meetings at the Chamber of Commerce and you will have the opportunity to meet many other business people. Some of them will be interested in what you do and they are often willing to refer others to people they know. Give them your business card. Be sure to find out what they do as well and show a genuine interest. When you have the opportunity, refer someone to their business.

Boost Your Most Popular Blog Posts on Social Media

You can greatly increase the number of people that will see your content if you pay to promote it on your social media sites. You can experiment with it and choose a range of costs. Many social media sites charge very little to do this and it will help expand your viewers and customers.

Create a Video or Slideshow

Creating a video of some service you offer, or explaining how to use a product you offer, will help more people find your website. YouTube videos are very popular and can bring people to your site for a long time. They do not have to be professionally made. Be sure to add your business website at the end so people know where to learn more. Slideshows will also work well.

Conduct a Webinar

Webinars can work very well when you use it to help solve problems that people have and show how your products can solve them. A brief introductory course can also be taught. To draw a larger crowd, encourage your contacts to let others know about it the webinar in advance, and be sure to post it on your social media sites.

Participate in Discussion Groups on Social Media

Find groups of people that can use your services or products and join in the discussion group. Be sure to read enough to know what is being discussed and add to it. Provide some valuable material and add some resources. Share your business and learn about what they are looking for. Do not just make a single contribution. Hang out enough so that people get to know you better and begin to trust you.

Send Flyers or Brochures to Potential Clients

Determine which businesses or individuals in your area can benefit most from your business, and send them an advertisement in the mail. Make sure that your contact information can be found easily, along with your sales promotions and services. You can also add a testimonial or two to help build confidence.


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