Employees and Management Could Your Management Style Be Making It Harder to...

Could Your Management Style Be Making It Harder to Complete Tasks?


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Every manager that is worth his or her salt wants to be able to show that they can lead a team to get things done. This can place a good amount of pressure on them because they know they are expected to produce results just like they expect their employees to get results. Trying to push a team or even a single employee to do more may make it more difficult for him or her to get things done.

Micromanaging Slows Things Down

Some managers are known for micromanaging their team members. This can be done in several ways – all of which are likely to be counter-productive. Watching over someone’s shoulder, sending frequent emails or texts, asking for updates on progress, face-time for video-conferences, meetings, etc., are often unnecessary. Employees have to stop what they are doing, interrupt their train of thought and work to answer or respond, and this reduces productivity. Then, it takes more time to get back on track, or, it could even lead to more diversions.

Many business leaders of large corporations are known to have eliminated as many of these as possible. They find that they are usually unnecessary and a waste of time.

Ensure Deadlines Are Realistic

Managers sometimes have no idea how long it can take to get some things done. If employees seem to be taking too long, talk with them, and find out why there is a delay. The delay may be caused by problems beyond his or her control, personal problems (which the manager may be able to help resolve), or the goal may simply not be realistic. Find out the problem and see if you can reduce some of the complications.

Communication Is Key

Employees like to know that they can talk to a manager and be heard. They want to know that their words may count for something. Communication between managers and employees leads to a better understanding if they feel that it might result in a positive change.

Communication can be improved by taking a little time to interact with employees on a personal level. Giving compliments or praise at times will also help improve relations because it lets employees know where they stand in relation to management. When a wrong needs to be pointed out to an employee, start with a little praise first.

Admit Wrong When Wrong

Being too proud to admit a possible mistake – or an obvious one – is the sign of insecurity and pride. You can be sure that your team knows it well because these characteristics reveal themselves in many ways. Showing that you are human will enable your team members to identify with you more easily, enabling communication to be increased.

Take Time to Listen

Leaders who are willing to take time to listen to those they manage are apt to be able to do more with that team than those who simply give orders. It is important to let your team know that they can present ideas to you to improve workflow or methodology without being shot down or have their idea stolen and claimed as your own.

Resisting Change

An increasing trend today, largely because of the pandemic, is to allow employees to work from home. Depending on whether this is possible in your workplace, this change might help some employees to be happier and more productive while working. For employees that may be interested in this option, consider letting them try it for a period, and be sure to adjust your leadership style to help it work – at least as a temporary experiment. Providing employees with flexible hours may also improve productivity in the workplace.


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