Business Tech 6 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Business Website

6 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Business Website


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Having a website for your business is a good start, but it will take more than that to get the sales you want. Common mistakes in website design can cost you the sales you want but avoiding them will enable you to get many more. Your business website can deliver more sales if you avoid the following 6 common mistakes.

Not Planning Your Website

Creating a highly functional and profitable website requires that you put some planning time into it. You need to layout each page in advance with the features to be added to it. You also need to be sure that each page will be coordinated with the other pages to create one highly organized and efficient website.

You also want it to look good. People will judge your business by the look of your website. This means having quality pictures, correct grammar and spelling, good links, and great content. Make sure that your website is also readable on mobile devices since that is how many people will find your website.

Do Not Forget SEO

If you do not plan to incorporate good SEO into each of your webpages, then you are not serious about getting web traffic or a lot of sales. SEO will enable a lot more people to find your website when they perform online searches; without it, you are just another website without much traffic because your competitors – who are using SEO – will take it from you. You can find the keywords you need by using the keyword planner at Google Ads.

Not Promoting Your Website on Social Media

Social media can bring your website a lot of traffic if it is used often. Each time you put up a new blog post or webpage, it should be announced on social media somewhere. Posting regularly to social media can help you build a constant flow of traffic that grows over time. Social media sites will often let you post for free but you can also put up paid advertising for even more traffic. Make sure that your posts on social media lead the customer to the page selling that product, not to a general homepage.

Not Making Purchasing Easy

When customers are ready to buy from your website, the whole process needs to be easy to complete. You should avoid adding a sign-up page as part of the process because it has been proven to cause a large number of shopping carts to be abandoned. You also want it to be easy to view the shopping cart at any time and see the total cost, and your shipping costs should be easy to determine.

Not Having a Clear Call to Action

After you get potential buyers to the right webpage, the content should naturally and gently push them to buy. It is important that you tell visitors exactly what you are looking for them to do. Then, make the process to complete the sale from that webpage as simple as possible.

Failing to Get Contact Information

Although you do not want to get their contact information as part of the checkout process, you do want to get it if possible. You should add a place on every page where visitors can sign up to get new product information, your newsletter, a coupon, or to be informed the next time you put up a blog post. This will enable you to contact them often and remind them about your products and services – and to upsell items.



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