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Why Your Business Needs to Add Social Media Marketing for Success


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Successful businesses need to be able to reach the most people within their target market. It is not enough to market to a small group of people over and over. If you do not yet market through social media, then you are greatly limiting the potential of your business. You can step up your outreach and change your success level by adding social media to your marketing campaigns.

The Potential

Depending on which social media you choose to market on, you have the potential to reach hundreds of millions of people – possibly even billions. Facebook had 2.6 billion users in the first months of 2020. By using more than one social media you can multiply that number. It does take some time to reach large numbers of people, but using paid advertising can speed up your results.

Another benefit, when you consider the potential, is that people will often mention products or discounts they received to their friends on social media. Some of them will like your ads or posts which will be shared with their friends. They will even often mention a brand and people that regularly use social media are influenced by what others like. All generations are somewhat influenced by the opinion of others when it comes to buying products.

Use the Right Media

You will be able to reach the most people if you use the right social media for your target market. Each group of people usually prefers one type of social media over another. The younger generation, for instance, prefers media such as Instagram and Snapchat. Professionals prefer LinkedIn.

The top social networks right now are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. There are many more and new ones are being created. Find out which ones your target market prefers. Rather than aim for all media, you will do better if you focus on a couple and interact well with them.

Cut Marketing Costs

Although there is a learning curve with using social media for marketing, it is well worth the cost. Considering the number of people your message can reach, and often without any cost or low cost, it is easy to get a good ROI out of your investment.

Build Credibility

Companies that are either relatively new or small can use social media to build their credibility. This will demand more time on social media but customers need to know that your brand and products are as reliable as you claim. By interacting with your customers online, and showing them how you are fulfilling your promises and claims, you can build a strong brand that people will quickly come to trust.

The Goal of Using Social Media

Social media is an avenue to drive traffic to your website. Your website needs to be well-developed and easy to maneuver. Visitors need to be able to easily buy products from you on a cellphone, contact your business, and learn about your company. Your website should provide people with various types of media, such as YouTube videos, infographics, pictures, slideshows, etc.

Build Brand Loyalty

Social media can also enable you to build brand loyalty. People that like your brand will become loyal customers. Some will even post positive reviews of your company and will share your posts. By interacting with them online, they can become even more loyal.

Collect Emails

You can increase your sales even more by using your website to collect emails and then marketing directly to them. Offer a special discount or a product or package that your customers would love to have. Special offers can build your sales and you will discover why using social media can be one of the fastest ways to build a strong customer base.


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