Uncategorized 6 Tips to Become a More Effective Leader

6 Tips to Become a More Effective Leader


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Having the right kind of leadership in your business can move your business to new heights. The wrong kind can prevent it from growing. A leader is much more than just having a position in a company with people that are under you. It is what you do with those people and how you do it that can make a difference in their performance and the growth of your company. There are six things that leaders need to be able to enhance their leadership ability to bring the kind of growth your company needs.

  1. Figure Out Where You Are Going

Instead of merely trying to hold on to your leadership position and accomplishing a certain amount of daily tasks or productivity levels, a leader will have more value if you are flexible enough to change. Ask yourself what your long and short term goals are as a leader? Are you taking active steps to improve your leadership, such as taking online courses; reading books about leadership; watching videos, or seminars that teach how to be a better leader?

Until you take those active steps, becoming a better leader is just a dream. You need to learn better leadership principles from people that have demonstrated their ability to grow a team of focused people that get things done.

  1. Lead by Example

There are certain things you want to see your team members do and accomplish. They need to know that you are committed to working hard, too, when necessary, and actually will do something that you expect of them – or even join them to help.

  1. Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

It is not enough to know your strengths. Those are likely the things that you like to do and find easy and natural. Leaders must remember that they cannot do everything. Those are the areas that you need to develop or delegate. Instead of pretending that you can do it all, let someone help you that can do it and will do it well – even if you think you can do it better. They will appreciate the opportunity and it will keep you looking good.

When you make a mistake, be willing to admit it. As a leader, you are bound to make some mistakes, and those who follow you will appreciate you more if you are honest with them. Some surveys have revealed that the majority of employees consider this one of the most important characteristics of good leaders.

  1. Give Credit Where It Is Due

When you show that you will gladly give credit where it is due, you will find that your team members will be glad to share ideas with you. On the other hand, if you keep the credit for yourself, others will come to resent you and your team will not perform as well. Good ideas that can make your business or team excel will not be shared.

  1. Understand What Motivates People

Good leaders know how to motivate people even when they know that those people do not want to do it. Since everyone is different and requires different types of motivation, you will have to be willing to study people you work with and learn what those motivations are. Then, you will have to learn how to use those motivations in the most effective ways.

  1. Take Time to Learn About Your Team Members

Understanding people means you will need to learn to listen to them. Avoid merely listening for breaks in their conversation and thinking about what to say next when they are talking. Genuine listening will help your words to be better received, letting you develop a stronger relationship and a better opportunity to set and meet expectations.



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