Cash Flow Marketing During the Pandemic

Marketing During the Pandemic


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Business for most people has slowed down or even stopped. Some are getting ready to open in a few places, but if you are stuck at home, you can still make some money during the pandemic. Pandemic marketing can enable you to keep your business in front of your customers, but it can also help you make sales – or orders for future fulfillment.

Stay Competitive

Instead of thinking you cannot do anything while stuck at home, you can determine to not let your competitors get ahead at your expense. Using current online marketing methods, you can keep your products and brand in front of your target market.

Add Videos

Adding a video to your webpage increases how long people will stay on your webpage. It also increases your opportunity to present your product or provide testimonials. A video that simply tells about your product can boost your conversion rate by 80% or more. The videos do not need to be professional – even celebrities are producing lots of videos at home on the fly. They do not want people to forget them and they know that videos posted in the right places can keep their fans or customers interested. You can also add videos to YouTube and direct traffic to your website.

Your website can also be improved with infographics and podcasts. These can be made rather easily by repurposing your existing content. You can also offer podcasts or webinars in exchange for a signature. You may also be able to conduct webinars to help people stay in touch with you.

Update Your Content

The search engines are always looking for new content. If your content is old and outdated, you can update or expand it and make it evergreen. You can also rewrite it and add some new keywords to it for better SEO purposes. To save time, your content can be rewritten by freelancers that are looking for work, and they can also provide you with new material for webpages, blogs, or social media.

Use Social Media

There really are more and more ways that you can stay in touch with your audience through social media. When using social media, be sure to show care toward your audience since most people are getting rather tired of staying at home and many may be suffering financially and socially. People are spending a lot more time on social media now and you want them to remember your business.

One thing that many businesses are doing during this time is to provide tips for helping people know where to get help. Many people have no clue where to turn for the help they need. Use titles for your posts or emails that are practical and offer real solutions along with your ads.

Provide Special Offers

Find products that people are in special need of now and make a special offer. This can endear your customers to your brand and they will remember you for it. If you do not have a lot of traffic now, you could turn to pay-per-click advertising to boost your traffic and sales.


Instead of using the same old ways of reaching out to your audience, get out of your rut and be willing to experiment and try something new. You could expand your outreach with new avenues of marketing, try radio, offer coupons, combine offers, try out a new social media, add a blog, and more. You might also provide gifts or help to non-profits or charities, raise money for a needy cause, offer educational courses, and more. There really are many opportunities to continue and possibly even expand your business during this season of the pandemic – but don’t let it defeat you.


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