Uncategorized Micro-Influencers will be the marketing force of the future

Micro-Influencers will be the marketing force of the future


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What if I told you that your business could find 20,000 targeted customers without sending one email or running a television or radio ad? I would be introducing you to the world of what is known in social media as micro-influencers. According to Jill Stanton, the Co-Founder of Screw The Nine To Five, “A micro influencer is someone who has a small, yet hyper-engaged following online of 2,000 to 20,000 followers. The followers read, watch, listen, click and buy anything these influencers put out there.”

Sounds interesting. This targeted internet strategy is one that resonates with both influencers and advertisers. It is not superficial in the way of an automobile or insurance ad. The micro-influencer lets you into their daily lives, so to speak, to see how they incorporate various products and services. With that said, there usually is, and should be, full disclosure as to which products are paid sponsors, and which products the influencer just likes and use.

It’s easy to see why many brands use influencers to spread their message. How about this for an awesome statistic; 40% of Twitter users have made a purchase as a direct result of a tweet from an influencer. Wow! Now that we have your interest, the next question that pops into your mind is, “How do I find a micro-influencer?” Good question. It’s not hard to determine which platforms to use. Typically, you’ll find micro influencers on social platforms like Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram. Once on a platform, use relevant hashtags like #influencer #paid #partner, etc. You can also search YouTube channels by looking at specific niches.

Once you have found an agent that appears to fit the bill, do some due diligence to see if they actually are doing what they say they are doing. Sometimes it is impossible to really know if a micro-influencer is just pushing the brand of a large-product sponsor, but it really doesn’t matter if they are also genuine in looking at similar or complementary products. Okay, so you have found a couple of micro-influencers. What’s next? Ellie Shedden, who runs the digital marketing agency THE-OOP.COM explains that micro-influencers would be attractive to small businesses who have limited advertising budgets. As one would imagine, it all comes down to cost.

Shedden wrote in an email, “Rather than paying tens of thousands of dollars for a post, micro-influencers may cost less than $100. Their conversions are high depending on their engagement rate.” There is also some math involved in figuring out which micro-influencer(s) to select. A metric utilizing engagement rate is the place to start. You can divide the number of followers by the number of likes on a post, then multiply by 100. You are looking for an engagement rate of 3 percent or better. In addition, take a look at the post and make sure that they are not a series of emojis or a comment with less than 5 words. These are indicative of bots scamming the site.


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