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    Michael Faigen

    I’m an entrepreneur. I’ve built a successful business. But there’s no doubt that I live in a society. I depend on infrastructure that tax money paid for. I depend on an educated workforce that tax money paid for. And every successful person – in addition to their vision, and hard work, and the benefits of public education – also depends on a bit or a whole lot of luck. I wholeheartedly agree with Elizabeth Warren’s assessment. Far from being an idiot – or a useful idiot as the Soviets are famous for saying – she’s spot on.

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      Joe Gilbertson

      Congratulations on your business, I”m sure you worked hard to get there.

      But I’m not sure you are seeing the whole picture. She is using this bullshit do justify taxing you into oblivion. She is a socialist and she thinks, as President, you really work for her and you should cheerfully turn over everything you have earned to her control. This is the socialist way. I guarantee you would not have built your business in a socialist society.

      And yes I agree that what we have built depends on the infrastructure that is available. But a) we have already paid for that with our tax dollars, it’s in the past, and b) entrepreneurs CREATE wealth. We don’t borrow it or steal it, we build it. It is wealth that was not there before and will not appear spontaneously. And yes, luck is occasionally a factor, but persistence and hard work are more a factor. We don’t do it for the good of society, its way too hard for altruistic motives. We do it for our families and for our individual satisfaction.

      I’m sure you have had those lonely days when you didn’t know whether you would be successful. Would you go through that if there were no reward at the end?


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