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    Funny — men having a problem being “fingered” by women because too many men fingered women in the first place.

    Treat women like you treat men. Period. Assuming you’re not attracted to men. That means don’t stare at her boobs, don’t talk about her clothes or appearance, don’t lean in too close, don’t brush up against her, don’t touch her to give her a “back rub” because she “looks tense”, etc.

    What is it about men that they can’t understand that a woman is at work to WORK not to flirt, not to be harassed, not to be touched, not to be picked up, not to be seduced, not to be pressured into sexual anything to get ahead, etc.

    If men are afraid of women — good. It’s about time. Women have been afraid of men for centuries.

    Quit whining about it. Don’t tell us “we’ll pay for that” — we’ve been paying for your pleasure for a loooong time. And we’re done with it. Run while you can, little boy. Not going to hire women? Not only is that not legal; we’ll just make women-owned companies that put you to shame.

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      Every grievance you mentioned has happened to me by women in the work place, often times, if not all the time we are told to suck it up and “Be a Man.” I think this issue goes way deeper than just hating men…

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    I love the Internet. It brings out the best in people.

    Why can’t people just be human? It’ll be much easier than looking at all the innuendo, implications, subtleties or paranoia thereof that may or may not exist in any one given situation.

    Just make sure not to lump everyone in with your grouping or assumptions of who has done wrong to whom. #NotMyProblem

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