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    Jake J


    For as much detail as you went into regarding the “good” of the economy and the stock market, I’m puzzled by your confusion on the recent drops in the market. Input costs have risen for some of the reasons you already covered. Labor costs are up which pinch the corporate profit margin. As you said, this is good for the country because it means people are working and demanding higher wages. In addition, raw material/source costs have also risen due to market conditions and tariff related spikes.
    If you can’t find market gurus to tell you that, then I think you’re following the wrong biased business news.
    The market dropping is not some fear of a split-congress. The effects of a Democratic house are likely already baked in. The market reads the polling data like everyone else. If the Republicans hang on to the House, you’ll see a short-term jump given the deviation from expectation.
    I assume you are experienced enough to know that the extremes of either party covered on Fox News & CNN might not actually represent the core center right/left voters that make up the electorate. You can vote for a democrat and still not favor some of the radical policies you point to. Believe it or not, Democrats care about the economy too. If the radical policies come to fruition and crash the economy, how do they get votes in future elections? Dems can’t win without independents & moderates.
    Your writing and publication is right-leaning, that’s fine. But don’t shrug your shoulders to explain party-pooping market dips when Trump-backed policies like tariffs might contribute to short-term “retards” in the rally.


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