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    I wholeheartedly agree with this article, but would like to add that social media is also a player in this negative stereotype and helps spread an international false narrative. There are those `keyboard commandos’ that spread divisiveness and act in ways I suspect they would not in the `real’ world face-to-face with an actual person.

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    Thank You for some uplifting thoughts in an otherwise negative journalistic space, aka American News media. One day maybe we will have a more balanced delivery of “news” that reflects both good and bad in a way that truly delivers important information.

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    Donna Mullins

    Thank you for describing the America I live in!

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    Sixteen Tons

    A breath of fresh air! I stopped watching / listening to the news & social media because they don’t accurately reflect the USA I live in. As usual with the 10/80 /10 rule the worst ten percent get the media attention because it generates revenue. I agree, those ‘troll’ individuals on the internet certainly wouldn’t behave in that manner in their Mother’s house!

    Once again Thank you, & may God / Allah / Buddha and to many others to mention bless you.

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    Jeff Ohler

    This is true, it is a shame that the “news media” does NOT report the news but tries to create news to match their political view. We hear of all the people that make Americans look to be the “phobic” nation, but lack the reporting that shows the richness of this country, which is its people who give generously to plethora of charities and aid organizations that help not America but peoples all over the world. We are effectively through our media removing all things deceit and good about the people of this county. As we know there is no “perfect” world, and opinions are as many as there are blades of grass, but we are still the most accepting people across the globe. I am proud to be an American and feel blessed today for this true and uplifting article, Thank You.


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