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    Excellent commentary. If President Trump sticks to his list then America can sleep better knowing the Supreme Court is returning to guiding by the Constitution not their personal preferences.

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    Regarding Supreme Court Justice selection process: In 2017 the Senate Republicans eliminated a filibuster to allow a simple majority to approve a Supreme Court Justice. V-P Pence cast the deciding vote for Mr. Gorsuch. The Democrats could have but did not when Mr. Garland was the nominee. The decision by the Democrats allowed Mr.McConnell to play the hardball game.

    Your reference to anyone that has knowledge of history as the “screaming left” reveals your lack of knowledge. Your selective assignment of ‘hypocrisy’ to one side is predictable but lacks any historic perspective

    Remember back when the deficits were important? Remember back when any lie or gaffe was important?

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    The refusal of the Republican-controlled congress to lawfully consider Obama’s appointee under the fake precedent that nominations aren’t considered in an election year was a theft of the nomination by the conservative right. To suddenly change the rules to rush through a nominee now shows just how corrupt that was. You’d be melting like a snowflake if the democrats had done the same.

    And to argue that these conservative justices aren’t activists is another fantasy. It was conservative, state’s rights, justices that awarded the election to Bush while Florida was still processing it’s recount. And, if you’re so concerned about the constitution, how about we enforce the emoluments clause.

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    Edward Bray

    And yet the republicans would not even hold a hearing for Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court due to its being an election tear. Nice double standard.


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