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10 Ways to Advertise Your Business


A successful business is one that can make itself known to its target market and see sales. There are many ways to do this, but with a limited marketing budget, it is necessary to pick and choose where your money will bring the best ROI. Creating a balance between pay and free marketing methods will help your business achieve greater success.

Promote Locally

Some businesses fail because they do not promote locally. Local people may never know you are there unless you reach out to them. One way to get known locally would be to use Google My Business. Having a free profile there will enable you to be found when people near your business use Google Maps, Google’s Knowledge Panel, and Google search. Google will also build a free website for your business.

Use Local or Cable TV

Local TV networks are much cheaper to advertise on than national TV. It can also help you to become known locally.

Distribute Flyers Locally

Flyers do not cost much and you can get many printed cheaply. They can be distributed through the mail and in businesses that will permit you to post them. Add a special deal and customers will come in.

Put an Ad in the Local Paper

Newspaper ads are inexpensive. You can run an ad for a day, a week, or longer. Regularly using newspaper advertising with different ads will help your business to become known locally. Be sure to advertise special events or sales for the best results. You can also place an ad in magazines that are related to your business.

Pay Per Click

This method could be costly if you do not target the right keywords but it could easily drive a lot of traffic to your website. It has the advantage of letting you only pay for your ads when they are clicked on.

Radio Advertising

Local radio stations that are popular in your community can let many people know about your business. Create friendly ads with real offers that are time-limited.

Ads on Social Media

Placing an ad on social media means that many people are going to see it. Facebook is one of the best known but you can also place ads on Instagram and other ones. Ads on Facebook can reach a large number of people quickly and they do not cost much.

Create How-to Videos

People want to know how to do things themselves, especially if it means saving money. Show people how to do something related to your business, place a link on the video, post it on YouTube, and you will start to have more people visit your website.

Email Marketing

One of the best ways to advertise is to send news and other information about your business through email marketing. This method lets you send your marketing messages and other information directly to your customers’ inbox. Collect emails from your website by making a special offer if they sign up. You can also give those who sign up announcements of sales prices and special offers that are only for them to increase traffic and sales.

Podcast Ads

This type of ad is given to someone that creates podcasts for a specific audience. They need money to keep creating podcasts, so they often look for advertisers. Your ad will be read like a radio ad on the podcast and because he or she has already gained an audience that trusts them, your product will seem more credible. Payment is usually made on a cost per thousand downloads.

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